New Game – Who Dis? WITCHBROOK

It is officially cozy game season – the cold air, fall leaves and the need to never have to go outside unless you are at school or working. One of the games I have seen is called Witchbrook.

The info on the website reads as:

About Witchbrook

Experience the thrills and pitfalls of school-life in Witchbrook! Discover a spellbinding isometric pixel art world full of charm and intrigue in this richly detailed magical school and town life simulator.

Forge your own identity as a witch-in-training on the road to graduation. Build relationships with fellow students and townsfolk, develop your magical abilities by attending classes and completing assignments. Participate in extracurricular activities such as fishing, growing magical crops and foraging strange mushrooms. Master secret spells, make friends for life and unravel the mysteries of the school…

Who will be your best friend? Your rival? And your date for prom?

Look at how cute it is.
the gnome…the kitty
Do I see broom parking?

This is FOR SURE the type of game I would want to play. The images of the world I’ve seen have been SUPER cute and I could see myself getting lost in it. Right now I have added it to my steam wishlist.

Here is the steamlink if you are interested: New Game – Who Dis? WITCHBROOK

Something I HATE

I play a number of mobile games and I enjoy the ones I spend time with. Recenty, I had a factory reset on my tablet (the screen is really badly cracked, so it just can be wonky).

If you have ever done this you know it means everything that was on that device has been erased. I have been pretty good about uploading things to the cloud – which is AMAZING to do by the way. So, after the reset I decided to play one of my games. When I went to the game it had set me to zero….excuse me?

Did I freak out? Yeah I did. I mean when your level 256 in Toy Dash you would understand. I logged into google games and BOOM I was back to where I was supposed to be. EXCEPT on a few games. The one that really pissed me of is a game called Prey Day. I have been playing it for a few years off and on. I had progressed really far. Unlocked a hugh amount of things – was I upset? Yeah…a little. So I figured I’d just start over (I mean I didn’t have a choice anyway.

Now something about me is I actually use game wiki’s. They help me to get an idea of what items I will need to build other things. Sometimes I look up armour and weapons and maps. I’m also into game lore. Ok, sure its a mobile game, but still.

Prey Day wiki has almost nothing on it. I noticed this when I first started playing the game. It was annoying. I had sent an email to the Dev’s asking if they could send me the info about the game so I can add to the wiki. They never responded. 😢

Do I want to commit time to adding to a wiki to a game that the company is not interested in responding to? I mean…

I probably will, because I want to help other players. I’m a nice person like that….

Looking For Loot

I was 98.236812% sure I wrote about Ashes of Creation in one of these blog posts – but I can’t seem to find it and I am hopeless at tagging lol. It’s fine though cause I’m just gonna write whatever I likes anyway 😛

At this point if you haven’t heard of Ashes of Creation I don’t want to say you have been living under a rock; but I DON’T want to say it either. I’ve been following the games progress since I think 2018/2019 (?). I thought it was amazing then and I still think it is. I didn’t buy the kick starter pack because I’ve been burned before by other games. There has been a lot of buzz around it going to Alpha at some point, which I think is amazing. It looks so pretty an I’ve been watching all types of Yutube videos and following tweets about it. Now I know I still don’t have the budget to pre-buy anything and I signed up for the chance to be chosen from random people to play. The chance is slim that will happen. I still have hope. They have a Content Creator Program – I signed up for that. I’m pretty sure they are more interested in big number youtube/twitch people not me in my little corner of the interweb universe lol. Not that it’s a surprise I mean they are trying to get the word out about the game so it is what it is.

What is the point of this post you maybe wondering – well since I’ve been hoarding lots of information I guess I’m just gonna share things that interest me. Updated information when I can and maybe ideas that I get from what I find. that’s it…that’s the post (I mean in perspective this blog post could have been a tweet – lol). I’m going to label the things Looking For Loot as that is the name I give any guild I create in any game I play so it seemed to fit for the title of this post.

Insert Title Here

The summer has come to an end and we are heading into fall and back to school. I have to say life has thrown a few curve balls my way. Some loved ones passed away. Others have stopped talking to me for their own reasons and issues have been popping up like daisies. One of the top ten issues being that my tablet is dead. It factory reset because it was corrupted. I blame myself for this, mainly because I really should have know better and not waited so long to get the screen fixed. It is on my budget list, but I had other things that needed taking care of. After spending time doing crowd control, I decided to play some video games and read.

Photo by Irina Iriser on

As of this morning I’m here at work and done with everything on my todo list – which is great. So that leaves me time to do other things, mainly try and get some blog posts together. Of course since I don’t have the tablet I have to pull this up on the computer. Do I know my password pfft.. I take the steps and actually ended up a bit stuck clearing out a bunch of e-mail junk. (I keep thinking I’ve unsubscribed to things, I have Not.)

A few messages stuck out to me – one of them being from Elyon. They are closing their servers. This is the link to the website:

I was a bit confessed about this – they had JUST tweeted how they were releasing a new class. Well apparently they will still have the new class, but server will be shut down come December. To be fair – I have not to big a memory of playing this game. I mean I’m sure I did, I just don’t remember. So I went poking around and yeah I’m sure I played it since Orcs were a playable character. I just don’t remember.

P.S: Ok I DID play this game, mainly to be an Orc and apparently I didn’t like the look of it. Or rather I had seen TO many games that looked the same.

Sims 4 High School came out – I haven’t gotten it. The Sims 4 seems to be my fall back game – but I don’t think I’m playing it the way it’s supposed to be played. I like being able to make the characters and I like decorating the houses. But there are so many things I feel I’m forgetting to do. I also fall into the CC hole. The game lacks stuff – but it isn’t to hard to find what your looking for online. OHHH you wanna see some of my Sims?

The one on the left is my dude – the other is a townie I fixed up.
Another one of my Dude and a Townie he was trying to hook up with
My Goblin Girl – LOVE HER

I’m still sometimes playing ElderScrolls Online. It not that its boring but I’ve lost the plot of the game somehow and I can’t be bothered to find it again right now. I mean I’ve been with it for 9 years now and it’s just time for me to take a break. I feel so far behind and can’t catch up.

Do you SEE how many toons I have lol

New World has a new update – once again I have NO idea what I’m doing there any more as well and it’s frustrating me to no end. I don’t have anyone to really play with and I think that’s why I can’t get invested into it right now.

OH I also did a tictok thing to see what type of DnD character I would be. I don’t play DnD, but I wanted to see and this is what I got.

what does this MEAN?

I will Be Judged & Found Lacking

(This is a post from a blog I don’t use anymore)

So since I’ve fallen behind on my Blaugust thing I am really not surprised at this point to tell the truth.

Sure I’m not going to win any prizes or awards but I can get it out of my head and put it into yours. So it’s a win – win as far as I can tell.

Since the biggest problem I seem to have is what to write about I figured whatever it’ll come to me eventually. So I simply started my day as usual – which is spending a bit of time on Google+.

So while glancing through things I came upon a post about a list of video games (which is no surprise as most of the things I follow on Google+ are about video games. And hair…and DIY stuff…anyway.)

It lead me to a comic strip called Manly Guys Doing Manly Things (look it up because it’s amazing).

Which lead me to a strip with Pyramid Head in it.


If you don’t know who Pyramid Head is – I’m sorry. But here is a frame of reference:

“Pyramid Head, also known as “Red Pyramid Thing”, [1] “Red Pyramid”, or “Bogeyman”, and Sankaku Atama (三角頭?) in Japan,[2] is a fictional character from the Silent Hill series of survival horror video games published by Konami.

Introduced in the 2001 installment Silent Hill 2, he is the antagonist and he stalks James Sunderland, the primary player character, who comes to the town of Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Mary.
The Silent Hill series, particularly the second installment, frequently utilizes psychology and symbolism: Pyramid Head represents James’ wish to be punished for Mary’s death. Masahiro Ito, the designer of Silent Hill 2’s monsters, created him because he wanted “a monster with a hidden face”. [3]

Known for his large triangular head, Pyramid Head lacks a voice, and his appearance stems from the town’s past as a place of execution” 
(Thank you Wikipedia)

Now I didn’t actually play the Silent Hill games and was only introduced to the character through the Silent Hill Movies – which were ok. I mean I could watch them over and over – but it’s one of those movies where your either 100% sure what’s going on after like 20 minutes or your baffled for the whole thing. I fell under the I’m not sure what’s going on here, but shit is fucked up for real. 

I have a weird way of watching movies – either I respond to it or I don’t. I get sucked in or just sort of think of a better way something could be done. It’s a very odd mindset, but I’ve been this way my whole life so maybe it’s normal. But, maybe you know how it is. You’re going along your merry way – enjoying a movie when all of a sudden a character comes out of nowhere and you are struck dumb. Your whole life is changed in some way after seeing this one character – you are now emotionally and physically invested in them.
So here comes this character and even though he was doing the most horrible of things Am I in love? He was perfect in all his evil imperfections. Pyramid Head was the ULTRA FUCKING ALPHA MALE to me. He was a GOD as far as I was concerned. Everything about him screamed pain and suffering and death and I kind of really liked that about him. He carried/dragged this massive sword/knife and I loved that too (I have always liked sharp objects). I know if I ever saw him in real life I would drop to my knees and be awed (and dead).

Now I don’t consider myself an evil person – I am actually pretty nice. But I became obsessed with this character. I watched the movies dozens of times – fast-forwarding to all the clips of him. It was I guess kind of creepy. I wrote pretty bad fan fiction about him, charting a large chunk of a very private mind space with him. 


This obsession lasted ohhh I don’t know about 6 years or so. I’m better with it now, but I still have images that come up every once in a while. Especially when I see pictures of him online. Just wow.

I am a realist about a lot of things that I think about and have come to terms with certain parts of my personality. There are some things I like and don’t like. Some of these would be considered odd – but hey it’s me.
I LOVE horror movies – gory bloody guts movies (even if they do give me panic attacks sometimes).I love B movies form the 80’s and 90’s. So the fact that I like this character wasn’t that big of a surprise. I have a penchant for the macabre as well. I like weird shit – I mean I read the Marquis de Sade complete works at 15 (and am still pissed that a family member throwing it away calling it garbage – which it wasn’t). That tells you everything and nothing about me at the same time.

 Yeah it sounds weird and freaky – in a way it is and that’s ok.

What Do I want to play?

Yeah I know what you “persons” are thinking. Ohhhh everyone is talking about this game. Why don’t you be original. pfft Watching the trailer it seems like it is an interesting game to play.

In the preview video it shows off a good bit of gameplay, including a variety of class mechanics, traversal options like vaulting and grappling hooks, and huge PvP siege battles featuring giant monsters.

I know…I know PvP? Sunny what are you going on about? Ok yeah I’m not the most amazing PvPer out there. I am low decent at it – that is until I can find the right build that works for me.

In all honesty it’s about the FPS = Fashion per second. I like to look cool and if I can kill things while I do it – all the better. I have a VERY fond memory of my friend Murdercat and I in GW2 in the PvP zone literally standing in the same spot talking about how amazing we looked while a base was being taken over in the background. I mean we EVENTUALLY did help but it was just a great memory for me. Sieging keeps with a bunch of people is fun, I may not be the top 20 of people doing it but I was THERE MAN.

The creator during an interview said that “far more players are more interested in overcoming well-designed challenges than competing to reach their limit,” so many of the game’s toughest challenges “can only be accomplished if multiple players understand the characteristics and skills of each boss well and use their abilities to cooperate.” Hmmmmm sounds like research and Lore and I LOVE that shit.

Fun fact: Throne and Liberty is also set in the same world as another one of NCSoft’s in-development tiles, Project E.

Which let’s be honest kind of is a whole nother world of AWHHHHYEAHHHHH. Look at it like this – I like fantasy games, my friend likes fantasy games as well and really like the “Asian” feel. SO what is the middle ground? We can play together and meetup in the middle. OR… hear me out…..FANFICTON. Two lovers on the other side of the world from each other. They met – don’t know how or where just yet. Anyway they meet fall in love/lust and try to reunite with each other. I mean the possibilities are really endless.

Players can transform into animals, and even carry other players around in some forms. Why yes I would like to be a bird and poop on the heads of the people I don’t like.

Weather and the environment will play a factor in the game. For instance, wind can affect bow-and-arrow accuracy, while a sewer that might allow access to a tunnel during a siege can be filled with rain and be unusable. Players can even cause “a solar eclipse or rainstorm.”

I’m gonna keep an eye on this one – for sure.


The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play PvPvE first-person shooter that looks a lot like  No Man’s Sky and Outer Worlds had a baby. I have only played a bit, but I have to say I’m enjoying myself a lot. It’s in it’s second Beta right now that runs from March 16th till April 4th. You can register through either here:

or here through Steam :

The name of the starting planet is Fortuna III(I wonder where Fortuna 1 and 2 are), mysterious alien creatures run free and old research facilities remain abandoned. You start the game as a Prospectors – adventurers who search for resources and precious loot while braving the elements and hostile creatures. 

Other players/Prospectors will be dropping onto the planet to gather the same resources you’re after. I’ve heard some can be friendly,  while others will want to hunt you down for your inventory.

I have been foamed and THAT is what killed me

You can enter the game alone or with a team of up to three players. They start you with basic loadout options and you have to equip them individually in your inventory. It’s pretty much guns, armour, medkit. One thing I liked is that each time you set out on an excursion, you’ll get to decide if you want to insure any of your equipment you’re setting out with. At first I was confused about that – but I realized after my 3rd death it was SOOOO worth it. I got credits back and could use them to buy new stuff. Somethings I marked to get it retrieved after my character’s Foaming. Sure I rezed and had to wait 45 minutes to get the things back, but it was good I had a spare.

If you die on Fortuna III, you’ll lose everything you equipped and had in your inventory unless your items are insured. Thankfully, you also have five Safe Pocket slots in your inventory, which will let you keep those five items even if you die. The thing about these pockets when you start is that it can only hold 5lbs worth of things. That’s ONE stim thing. I put mainly ore I wanted to keep.

The game does balance risk and reward pretty well, since it’s really your decision to take on the big alien creatures if you decide to enter a high danger area. There is a little notification thing that tells you the danger level of where you are. For the life of me though I didn’t know if that was in regards to monsters or to other players.

When you’re done with scrounging for resources, you can go to an Extraction point to call for an evacuation ship. The important thing is to make sure you know where that point is. I was almost ALWAYS set down on the other side of the map from that point. So I did a LOT of just running and sneaking from one point to another. There’s a bit of a delay in calling for the ship, waiting for it to dock, then waiting for it to close its doors and leave. I was constantly afraid of some nearby player that might try to jump me to steal MY loot and take off in MY ship. I think in theory you can share an evac, but how would you even ask for such a thing?

Scanning for Ore..

OH and if it’s storming out you have to wait until the storm clears. First storm I hid under a bridge. Second storm I was squeezed into a small space in some cave somewhere. GOOD TIMES. Extracting successfully will reward you with XP and all the resources you picked up, which you can use to craft or sell for currency. It works really well here since it only adds to that risk and reward factor.

The thing is that it kinda’ reminds me of ElderScrolls Online before One Tamriel. I would go into high level areas to get supplies to sell to the higher level players. I LOVED it. I got really good at it, that skill made me doing PvP in Cyro all the more fun because I had learned how to be sneaky.

I know it’s not a LOT of stuff – but I was very proud anyway – lol

Not gonna lie – I kinda’ feel like this is my first time playing this type of game. No not the first time, but the first time actually enjoying myself while doing it. I want to see if I can rope some of my friends into playing it with me or maybe even find some chill people who would like to group. I’m not wonderful at finding people to play with – usually it happens organically.

I had NO idea this was a thing.

Would I suggest the game to others? Sure

Will I keep playing? Sure thing.

Maybe I’ll see some of you guys out there ^_^

On The Move & Still Playin’

At this time of year I often find myself trying to figure out what I’m doing with my gaming life. I haven’t streamed in a LONG time – due to Life Aggro. Loved ones getting sick, working full time and my headset just breaking. I often think about going back and starting up again – but I just don’t know if that’s going to happen.

With the lack of time being able to sit in front of a computer and play games I was heavy into Mobile ones for a while. The ones I really sunk time and a bit of money into are:

Stormfall Saga of Survival

The game is published by Plarium Global Ltd in the google play store where it says: 

Survive, explore, and master crafting and sorcery in this free-to-play survival MMORPG set in the high-fantasy Stormfall world.

Once a distinguished master of Stormfall, you have been betrayed in a fight for power. Banished, you must now craft a life in exile and learn to survive in the Eastern Marches – a desolate land of snowy peaks, ancient sorcery, forgotten ruins, and beasts on the hunt. You must fight off starvation, craft weapons for hunting, build shelter, and survive against corrupted beasts and fellow exiles.

There will be a time for redemption, but first…

You must survive.

Do I  like it? Yeah The graphics are nice. I love the harvesting and survival aspects. The few dungeons I did were on the easier side. Traveling doesn’t use energy which I REALLY like – but energy is used to pick anything up.

Last Day On Earth

The game is published by Kefir! In the google play store where it says:

Imagine you woke up to the apocalypse in the survival shooter Last Day on Earth. Feel the horror and adrenaline rush from the process of real surviving in a harsh environment! Meet the world where zombie hordes’ instinct to murder you is as strong as thirst or hunger. Descend into the atmosphere of survival right now or start Last Day on Earth once you’re done with reading this description, in which I’m going to tell you about some key features.

I will admit this is one of those games I did spend a bit of REAL money on. I very much enjoy crafting when I can. You have to be aware of hunger and thirst, but once you do the cooking you find there are ways around it. I’m not in a group collective (which is 100% what I would call a guild in a survival game – just an FYI) mainly because I don’t think there is one in this game. Base building is nice and simple. You can get a pet – but I feel like that’s just a materials dump for me.

There are events every so often which are nice and a whole other area called the Crater which is probably the only time I honestly see any other people.

One issue I have is if you die at the base – your body just stays there for a LONG time. I hated that and truthfully spent more time trying to ignore the dead body in the front yard.

I’m sort of bummed because I started playing on one tablet – then got a new tablet and didn’t realize I went through google play on the second tablet. So all of the nice things I paid for are stuck on the old tablet and I’ll be damned if I’m going to repay the money I already spent.


The game is published by Kefir! In the google play store where it says:

Arrange your own base, harness the power of gods and fight the army of the dead with your friends. Bring back the former glory to the Viking lands by building a new capital from scratch, and go to uncharted shores for treasures and new battles and build your own Viking Kingdom. All of this and more awaits you in the new online survival RPG Frostborn!

What can I say about this one. I mean I think it’s kinda cool. The fact that you put resources into your town and your base is different for me, but not in a bad way. I did feel a lot more secure doing  dungeons in this one. And frankly I have actually seen other players running around. There are areas of PvP so you have to be careful. I think I have been able to retrieve my stuff after death a couple of times now.

Grim Soul

The game is published by Kefir! In the google play store where it says:

Over 25 million downloads worldwide! Grim Soul is a free-to-play dark fantasy survival MMORPG. A once-prosperous Imperial province, the Plaguelands are now covered in fear and darkness. Its inhabitants have turned into endlessly wandering souls. Your goal is to survive as long as you can in this dangerous land. Collect resources, build a fortress, defend yourself from enemies, and survive combat with zombie-knights and other monsters in this new Souls-like game!

What do I have to say about this game? I mean no disrespect, but F*CK this game. NO….noo don’t hold me back….this game is HELL. At least for me. It’s not easy, dying sucks and you can’t always get your stuff back. Crafting is an on-going thing. There is a night thing that comes around after dark. It’s insanity. I love to hate this game.

Toy Blast

The game is published by Peak Games in the Google play store and it says on it’s website:

Launched in 2015, Toy Blast has steadily become one of the most popular puzzle games globally. By combining the intuitive tap-and-blast game mechanic with best-in-class art direction, Toy Blast evolved exponentially while the team grew and developed alongside it. Today, with more than 200 million downloads, Toy Blast has become a daily source of joy across the world.

This is one of those matching games like CandyCrush – but I think it’s more fun and get’s my brain going. I’m up in the 300 lvl. It gives you chances to earn thing you would get by paying cash which I really like.

I realize of course that almost all these games are pretty much the SAME type of game. I enjoy them and spending a bit of time just fudging around doing the things that need doing is enjoyable for me. Yeah I get kinda frustrated with stuff but i just put the game down and play something else.

Is this a count down?

See the source image

I’m not gonna say I’m excited about this, but I am excited about it lol. It’s not like I’m counting down the days or anything like that. I have been working on things behind the curtain – moving things around and setting things up. I got excepted to New Worlds Content Creator Program and am really excited.

Just cause – lol

“But Ms. Sunny does that mean you’re going to be bias?”

Nope – I don’t plan on it. If something is wonky I’m gonna let you all know how I feel about it.

“But Ms. Sunny you have a blog and people don’t really like to read all that much.”

This seems to be true. I know people about my age online don’t mind reading too much and there seems to be a way for me to make a podcast or audio thing of my blog posts. I am still trying to figure that bit out.

“But Ms. Sunny are you only gonna be writing about New World?”

Nope – I plan on streaming game play and making youtube videos. I’m thinking about 3 days a week to stream, posting youtube videos, mmmmmmmmmmmaybe once a week. I am going to be playing a LOT. Not just on my own, but also with friends who are going to be in the Open Beta with me. Since they are also streamers I might just end up on their streams lol.

“But Ms. Sunny what things are you gonna write about besides New World?”

Well, other games I may be playing. Art projects that I’m working through. I was thinking of doing some book reviews. Randomness…..the usual. I’m getting used to this prewriting and scheduling the post time. Which is a VERY cool option as far as I’m concerned.

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Hellgate London

Hellgate: London is a dark fantasy action game that blends a single player RPG experience with an online multiplayer component.

Set in a post-apocalyptic version of London where monsters roam the streets and many buildings are destroyed or otherwise unsafe, Hellgate lets you choose one of six classes, which are divided into three archetypes. It has randomly generated stats, maps, monsters, and loot, intended to make it more replayable.

There is auto aiming, and different views for each class. Melee fighters must stick to third-person perspective, while ranged fighters can switch between first and third.

The single player campaign lasts over 20 hours and upon completion, a player can create an elite character automatically for online play.

There are crafting modes, including to save space in one’s limited inventory, which can yield rare items. The game also has many story quests in its offline mode.

The game’s online mode was available in both free to play and subscription editions, with free players limited in character slots, inventory, and activities like access to exclusive PvP zones and the ability to create guilds.

Flagship Studios, the makers of Hellgate: London, went under in 2008, and the game’s US and European servers were shut down in February 2009, just over a year after release.

I fondly remember when this game first came out – I put dozens of hours into it. I LOVED seeing other players running around in the safe zones, there was so many really cool looking combinations of armour.

See the source image

The concept of shields and guns sort of boggled my brain at that time. I think this was the first game I played that had that tetris type inventory:

See the source image
Source: Google

I actually kind of liked it – I had to make hard choices about what I wanted to keep and what I didn’t. The simple act of deconstructing items while out and about in the world just made it so much easier for me.

Last year I found the game on Steam for something like $5. I was so super excited, bought it and down loaded. So it’s now a single player game so there is nobody around. I am still playing a bit at a time – since I never finished the storyline all those years ago. I know there is a fan made game that you can play, but I haven’t even given it a try. Maybe someday, most likely not.