Still puttering around Second Life on my default toon (Which I apparently don’t have a picture of right meow).

I have so many questions – where am I supposed to get bodies from and heads? I’m going to have to keep making notes about this sort of thing because its not very obvious to me.

I was also hoping to get a little apartment – but apparently you have to pay for that – which I understand I guess.

I’m not sure how the map works. I’m wondering if I should get free stuff when I find it and then see if I can use it later. This is an ongoing thing and i’m just trying to figure it out.


My shower gives me anxiety

So I have dealt with anxiety one way or another my whole life. I have to say I am usually pretty good with dealing with it on a situation by situation bases. I know the title of this post sounds like an odd thing to write about but it came to mind.

So I live with 3 other people in my apartment – it has one bathroom. Since we are a family we have an unwritten schedule. Lately with my allergies and napping a lot more, as well as changes in my work schedule it has sort of gone out of wack for me. Can’t be helped. During the spring till summer I get athelets foot on my left foot only. It’s weird and I don’t know why, but its always been this way. To try and deal with it. I fill the tub with a bit of water and wash it. I dry them well and put on a nice clean/new pair of socks. This isn’t a full body shower JUST the feet. I sit on the side of the tub while letting the water run.

The way the tub is set up, there are 3 knobs. The one in the middle controls where the water comes from. Either the shower head or the faucet, now logic would dictate that I should just turn this knob before turning on the water and I will be ok. For some reason I always forget which way to turn it for that.

It’s like either this will be nice OR it’s going to rain and I’m not talking about dollar bills.

Whelp there you go – more about me you didn’t know LoL


It’s a struggle sometimes

My Experience With Second Life So Far


Second Life is an online virtual world, the game has been out since 2003. Now I had heard about it for a while – but it was one of those things that sort of lingered around the edge for me. I thought it was going to be like the Sims, but its not really. What got me to jump into it was I saw a number of really pretty pictures online. At first I thought they were stand alone 3D images you know like.. “I spent hours drawing this by hand” type situations. It was later I found out they were actually screen shots. I was hooked, I went to their website and joined.

Joining is free, just so you know – but there was a LOT of information and windows and what not when you log in for the first time.There is a tutorial, but even after 3hrs of walking around the starter zone I still felt lost and not sure of what I was doing.

So I started reading up, trying to find my way around. I found a LOT of youtube videos. Some of them were talking about giveaways and free things. That you had to go to the stores location to get….alas I was lost. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get to the place. Then after figuring it out (kinda), I didn’t know what to do with the information. Sometimes I did sort of blunder through it – only to realize I didn’t actually have the thing I needed to use it.

Mesh heads, and bento and WHAT???? Sometimes I would see other players, but I was to nervous to ask for help. I found this island by accident and it was really beautiful – but I couldn’t find anyone else. No one to talk to….which in a way is fine.

I also had a problem with walking and using the camera – I kept walking backwards and sometimes even walking in a circle. I tried flying thinking maybe that would be easier. But….. if you don’t know how to land – well there is only one way to land but I want to be a bit more graceful then a rock falling out of the sky.

I’ve also come to realize owning a second life house is not something I’m going to be able to do any time soon. Not that I thought I really would be able to of course.

My avatar is not bu any means ugly – she has a weird thing going on with the back of her legs….but there were so many cute things. I’m trying to stay positive about the whole situation……

OH and TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY……woot woooooooooooooooo


Dam my Eyes

Ok…ok – LIFE is the answer to not blogging. WELL, not just that. I kinda was feeling like I didn’t have a lot to talk about. Then when I would log in to write something my little hamster brain would just blank out.

So, I’m NOT going to make any promises, cause if I don’t come through I’m going to be super pissy with myself.

ANYWAYS Elder Scrolls Online – I want to still be excited about this, but I’m sorta not so super excited about it. I mean I log in to do the regular scheduled stuff with my guilds, but i’m just not inspired to like THROW myself at it like I used to. Summerset is coming out and I’m like “shrug” whatever…there are a lot of really great videos and blogs that talk about that stuff all over the internet. I am not really one of them.

I did get the Dark Brotherhood cave – I saved my pennies to do it. But I went in there like 4 or 5 times and that’s it. I realized it’s because the music is not so great. I want to get the palace that’s going to be gone soon – but it will cost me $40. I realized as much as I love it. I’m not really IN LOVE with it. So I’m going to save my crowns for now.

light falls grace (E).png

Dam its dark in here

When I do log in I go to PvP land. I’m getting better I think, not as squishie but still dying. I’m still learning new things everyday and I kinda feel like if I keep going who knows what can happen.

I started the Imperial City quest line which, is like, HARD. But I found out they have teleport shard things to take you back to base so you don’t loose your Tel Var.


Rocking Out in the Sewers 


I tried to go back to Guild Wars 2 – but that was actually worst. I didn’t know anything and didn’t have any friends and didn’t want to start over. They have flying mounts, which is cool but since I didn’t buy the update I don’t have one. Hater going to Hate for sure.


So I figured maybe I should – you know – go outside. Not that I had a choice since I have been working a lot of CRAZY hours. It was nice…..for like a minute – sadly it’s spring which means. Yes the weather is nice, but I can’t breath because of the pollen. Cause I’M allergic to freakin’ trees.



I’m outside – now dazzle me

Anyway, that’s about all for now. It’s my birthday on Sunday, i’m not overly excited but you know adulting and what not.


Everything Feels Groovy

Ok so combing e,f and g in one post could be seen as cheating, but I fell behind so whatever’s.

The truth is I have spent a lot of time reading and dealing with migraines that I seem to be getting more of now that the weather is changing. It’s not fun, but it’s ok.

The last book I just finished is Apocalypse Cow…It received the Terry Pratchett award so I figured it had to be good. If you haven’t go get a copy right now. The main concept is that people are trying to survive a zombie outbreak, but instead of it being people it’s cows. Or rather it starts with cows and moves into other animals.

You follow a few different characters who end up together at one point. It’s such an easy read and you get sucked in rather quickly. i realize I’m not very good at writing book reviews, something I’ll have to work on I guess.

I have also been trying to work out this game withdrawel. I have tried a number of times to sit at the computer and maybe play a different game but nothing has really peeked my interest. I played GW2 for about ten minutes then logged out. I am very behind on the story and was overwhelmed by the amount of things I still had to do. Add that there is no one for me to talk to while I play makes it even less appealing.

I mentioned once that I was working on my RPing characters, but nothing new has really come of that either. Mostly just watching YouTube videos.

I have made a few pairs of earrings, but my work space is small so it’s hard to sit there for any amount of time. I’m not very inspired, which sucks as it was a stress release.

So the question is what does one do to kick start themselves?

H is for House

To be honest I haven’t played a lot of different games – not because I didn’t want to. Mainly it was because I didn’t have a lot of time. When it came down to it I was more interested in reading and doing personal research. Which are both pretty nerdy things to do, you know studying the history of local plants for fun.

When I hit my mid-20’s I started to be more interested in making the time to play the games I wanted. My ex-husband introduced me to owning a gaming system so that did make it a lot easier. Growing up I had to share with my cousins, or rather they had a system and they would sometimes let me play. I loved the usual things like Mario and Tetris, with no interest in the sports games my ex played. It was also good that my older son also liked playing games and we would spend time in the store figuring out which games we wanted to play. I think another thing that stopped me was the price of the games, they were pretty pricey as far as I was concerned.

The first game I played all the way through (10 disks worth of gaming) was Legend of Dragoon – everyday religiously for 2hrs a day I went through it. I didn’t have or use cheat books, it was a lot of trial and error. I also dabbled in Kingdom Hearts (more my son’s thing than mine). So my love of gaming grew, at this point I also discovered Beta testing games. Which was fun and something I considered an honor.

Now Beta testing doesn’t guarantee that the final game will be the same. I played City of Steam all through Beta and made a few online friends along the way. I loved the look and feel of the game and was one of the few games I wrote fanfiction about. Unfortunately the final game was almost nothing like the original game I played – like NOT AT ALL. The creatures had sold the game and everything to some big company who made it into this “thing”. I couldn’t go back to it after that disappointment. Uhhh what was my point? Oh yeah so City of Steam had a “type” of housing – instanced housing as in 2 rooms. You could do some decorating, but rather when you did missions you got rewards that would be placed in your house. It didn’t interest me or rather it did but since I couldn’t figure out how to progress with it I sort of just let it go.

Going through my memory I know housing was not really all that important to me. I played alone and did not really socialize with other players. But of course I was always giddy once I found out about housing and how to work it. Now not 100% sure, but I think Aion had one of the first real housing that I dealt with. I got lost in the neighborhoods and apartments. You could more or less decorate anyway that you want and you could visit someone’s house if they left it open. It took a while for me to realize how things worked – and when I stopped playing I still wasn’t 98.38124648237% sure I had figured it out.


images (1)

GW2 has an instanced housing – funny story there. I had NO idea how to get to it or where it was. Months and months of playing and I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t stress about it too much until you know they let you adopt cats. SOOOOOO I found the housing, by accident. I had adopted a cat and it was apparently right next to the house or rather pod that I “owned”, Very much a derp moment. I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t you know decorate. I’ll be honest there are a LOT of pretty places in the game where I wouldn’t mind setting up a nice apartment. Even some villages that are nice I would love to set up house. (I’m looking you LIONS ARC).

OK so at this point we all know I play ESO (elder Scrolls Online) and it is my go to game to the point of obsession. ESO now has player housing. Not only can you buy furniture – you can find blueprints throughout the world and can build them yourself. When I was playing I would make a bit of gold building pieces of furniture. It is probably one of the funnest things in the game for me. Hunting down blueprints and finding mats to make these things.

There are a number of ways to get a house – you can spend crowns, which is real world money to be honest. I didn’t have a lot of them so I didn’t go with that options. I figured maybe I could use them for something else cool.

Another way is you can use gold that you have gathered in the game. I had a pretty nice amount and had started to save as soon as the housing announcement went out. I was a little short but figured I could figure it out later on. What I didn’t realize is with the paying with gold option you have to do certain quest lines – depending on where the house is. I would say they are side quests, but to be honest if you’re playing through your zone your going to have done and or started the quest anyway. The one I did took me weeks – I blame myself I wanted to buy the house with my main character and she is of course in a different faction from where the house is. Live and learn – or rather die and respawn a LOT.

Picking a house was all about research for me – or rather I knew the one I wanted and sent every one of my characters there to see how they would feel (Yes I know it sounds crazy – but whatever). In all honesty it only worked for 2 of my ladies – but hey one of them is my main so the other 3 will have to deal…for now.

A nice compact home

This is Twin Arches the house I fell in LOVE with is in DC near Hallin’s Stand. The price was 73,000 gold. It is plain enough that I felt I had a lot of options to decorate. There is a bit of a flat roof – so I wanted to do some sort of lounge roof area. Imagine my disappointment when I COULDN’T get on the roof. I felt so sad like I wanted to cry – FYI my guild mates don’t mention the roof any more cause of all the emotions I went through because of this discovery – lol. So I left the house for a few weeks, I didn’t want to do anything and was sad every time I went there. So I figured maybe I can’t go with another idea with the inside of the house.

The inside has this dome thing – I figured OH I have an idea for that space. But alas FREAKIN’ CEILING CAP. As in I can see the space and I can kinda put something up there, but I can’t you know ACTUALLY go in to use it. VERY FRUSTRATING.

images (2).jpg

After talking to Ari and a few other guildmates, plus helping other people do things in their houses I decided it was time for me to work with what I have. It’s not finished by any means but it’s a start and I had a number of clever ideas. (those pictures I will post later).

So now the next question is for me – since only 2 of the 5 like the house what am I going to do? There is another house I liked, costs a bit more gold – but i think I will get it as well. I’m not sure if I will be able to do the things I roughly have planned in it, but I might just be able to. It’s called Velothi Reverie, it’s in EP in the town of Narsis. It will cost me 323,000 gold or 4200 crowns empty and 5300 furnished.

download (1).jpg

Front of the House


Back of the House

Looking at the furniture that would come with the furnished house is down right UGLY. I may like the style of the house – but the style of the furniture is just not my speed. Then i also wonder if there will be Morrowind houses. Which I mean will make things very very different. What if they do and I like it better where am I going to get the gold. Why am I already stressing about this – lol. But I’m going to try and be positive, my computer should be finished soon and my understanding is the the PTS will be up and they will let us try Morrowind.

Hopefully at that point I get a better idea ^_^