Is this a count down?

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I’m not gonna say I’m excited about this, but I am excited about it lol. It’s not like I’m counting down the days or anything like that. I have been working on things behind the curtain – moving things around and setting things up. I got excepted to New Worlds Content Creator Program and am really excited.

Just cause – lol

“But Ms. Sunny does that mean you’re going to be bias?”

Nope – I don’t plan on it. If something is wonky I’m gonna let you all know how I feel about it.

“But Ms. Sunny you have a blog and people don’t really like to read all that much.”

This seems to be true. I know people about my age online don’t mind reading too much and there seems to be a way for me to make a podcast or audio thing of my blog posts. I am still trying to figure that bit out.

“But Ms. Sunny are you only gonna be writing about New World?”

Nope – I plan on streaming game play and making youtube videos. I’m thinking about 3 days a week to stream, posting youtube videos, mmmmmmmmmmmaybe once a week. I am going to be playing a LOT. Not just on my own, but also with friends who are going to be in the Open Beta with me. Since they are also streamers I might just end up on their streams lol.

“But Ms. Sunny what things are you gonna write about besides New World?”

Well, other games I may be playing. Art projects that I’m working through. I was thinking of doing some book reviews. Randomness…..the usual. I’m getting used to this prewriting and scheduling the post time. Which is a VERY cool option as far as I’m concerned.

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Hellgate London

Hellgate: London is a dark fantasy action game that blends a single player RPG experience with an online multiplayer component.

Set in a post-apocalyptic version of London where monsters roam the streets and many buildings are destroyed or otherwise unsafe, Hellgate lets you choose one of six classes, which are divided into three archetypes. It has randomly generated stats, maps, monsters, and loot, intended to make it more replayable.

There is auto aiming, and different views for each class. Melee fighters must stick to third-person perspective, while ranged fighters can switch between first and third.

The single player campaign lasts over 20 hours and upon completion, a player can create an elite character automatically for online play.

There are crafting modes, including to save space in one’s limited inventory, which can yield rare items. The game also has many story quests in its offline mode.

The game’s online mode was available in both free to play and subscription editions, with free players limited in character slots, inventory, and activities like access to exclusive PvP zones and the ability to create guilds.

Flagship Studios, the makers of Hellgate: London, went under in 2008, and the game’s US and European servers were shut down in February 2009, just over a year after release.

I fondly remember when this game first came out – I put dozens of hours into it. I LOVED seeing other players running around in the safe zones, there was so many really cool looking combinations of armour.

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The concept of shields and guns sort of boggled my brain at that time. I think this was the first game I played that had that tetris type inventory:

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I actually kind of liked it – I had to make hard choices about what I wanted to keep and what I didn’t. The simple act of deconstructing items while out and about in the world just made it so much easier for me.

Last year I found the game on Steam for something like $5. I was so super excited, bought it and down loaded. So it’s now a single player game so there is nobody around. I am still playing a bit at a time – since I never finished the storyline all those years ago. I know there is a fan made game that you can play, but I haven’t even given it a try. Maybe someday, most likely not.


Update 3.5, Prisms, dramatically refreshes the No Man’s Sky experience with a range of new visual features and technologies. The universe has never looked better, with reflections, new texture effectsmore biome detail, improved lighting, new skies, new warp effectscreature fur, and a host more besides.

They have updated the caves in the game and I for one am LOVING it. I feel like I’m part mole person because I would rather explore under ground then above it. I am still jumping from zone to zone to zone because I haven’t actually found an unexplored planet or eve one I can call home.

The planet type I like is the toxic ones, the weird greenish tinge to the air makes it seem really sort of peaceful to me. There are some sort of pretty ones that are all bright lights and fun colors – almost like Kawaii coloring. I don’t spend a lot of time on those planets since it seems there is a sort of sameness about them.

Some day I will find the perfect home world – but today I guess is not that day ^_^

New World – Yes I am into this

Today’s topic of discussion in New World Game – an open world MMO by Amazon. So I am pretty sure everyone has heard about it at this point, Or maybe it’s just people in my circle. In all honesty I have been looking forward to this game for a while – especially since I stopped playing ESO.

They (which from now on will just be NW) don’t go crazy with showing previews of game play and a lot of content is still under NDA. So I’m gonna just try and write and post what I can. Are there other websites and Youtube videos that might be more helpful and informative – yes. Are they gonna be as scattered and Bunnybrained as here – NOPE..and frankly that’s the whole reason you come here – hahaha.

I was on the fence for a while about getting the game at all. Mainly because I had a big thing against backing and pre-order. I KNEW I was going to get the game – I just wasn’t going to preorder it. Fast forward to April 2021 and I was adrift in the gaming universe. There were games I played, but wasn’t really interested in or really invested in. As life does it went on. I got busy with Real Life things and situations and just didn’t have that drive to do anything. I went into a depressive slump and lived through Lock Down/Covid life – as we all did in one way or another.

So NW popped up on my brain map, my birthday was in May and I usually buy myself one thing. (Same for Christmas – just one thing for myself). So I decided to preorder.

They have 2 Pre-order types. One is the Deluxe Edition which is $49.99 (before tax). With that you get the same as the Standard and the following

  • Woodsman armor skin. Stand out from the crowd or blend in with the forest with the Woodsman armor skin.
  • Woodsman hatchet skin. Complete the Woodsman look with this skin for the versatile hatchet.
  • Mastiff house pet. Make your house a home with the Mastiff house pet. Access to housing unlocks at level 20 in-game.
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors emote set. Rock, Paper, Scissors, a light-hearted game with friends or a tool for making difficult decisions.
  • New World digital art book. A collection of incredible concept art from the making of New World.

The other is Standard which is $39.99 (before tax) and the one I got for myself. With it you get

  • Closed Beta access. Secure access to the Closed Beta beginning on July 20, 2021.
  • Isabella’s amulet. Equip Isabella’s amulet to gain additional constitution to weather attacks and deal additional damage against certain types of supernatural enemies.
  • Unique title. Proudly display your “Expedition One” title as part of the initial wave of explorers to hit Aeternum’s shores.
  • Emote. Greet your fellow adventurers with the Fist Bump emote.
  • Guild crest set. Three unique guild crests featuring axes, muskets, and armor.

(They also have  limited Amazon-exclusive New World Steelbook and a collector’s map for your adventure. This edition will contain all benefits of the Deluxe Edition. As of right now they are out of stock).

Whelp that’s all for now as I’m still working on drafts of posts – I know what I want to write about and have some ruff drafts. I’m hoping I can make everything enjoyful for you dear reader.

Games I AM playing. #1

Last post I talked about the games that I am NOT playing anymore and gave a short reason as to why I’m not playing them any more. Only to find out one of the games, ESO has changed back to the being able to group for Battle Grounds. I am excited about that, but in all honesty I don’t know if I will be returning for a bit. I have a list of games I really want to try out (which will be another post all on it’s own). SO let’s talk about the games I am playing.


Valheim Early Access Gameplay Montage 2:31 - YouTube

For the $20 I spent on this game it is SOOOO worth it, I have over 134hrs played so far? It’s “A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a procedurally-generated purgatory inspired by viking culture. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage!” that is the direct quote from Steam and I think sums it up.

I was maybe at hour 100 before I even fought the first boss. Which went a LOT better then I thought it would. The focus for me was exploring, I wanted to see what was out there and there is a LOT out there. I have barely scratched the surface and it’s ok.

The amount of the map I had discovered at the 112hr point of game play.
Me on my RiffRaft

I haven’t done a lot of ocean exploring as I am still in a raft. A thing I learned was there are all types of structures all over the place – so instead of destroying them I simply did some slap dash repairs and use them as forward bases.

First Tree House
I don’t know how to work in stone yet – so lots of wood just to make it safer.
Another little camp site.

I also seem to have gotten into bridge building. I’m not good at it but I do it lol

my second bridge ^_^

The truth of the matter is there are a LOT of pretty spots in this game. I have a LOT of screen shots. I plan on building more forward bases as I go. I actually kinda’ finished one last night, but it still looks jonky. It’s cool though – everything takes time.

Since I am playing solo it does take time to get things done. I am finally in the bronze age and am able to make nails. So being able to make carts has been a good thing – although I can’t destroy them after I am done with them which is kinda not good. I have 2 now and I’m just going with that. I realize I MIGHT be able to bring them through portals, just haven’t tested the theory just yet. I am planning my bigger boat as well – I also need to prepare for the next boss fight. Get my carrots planted, maybe get some boars. I have some untamed ones sectioned off already so getting them isn’t gonna be hard.

WOW this is longer then I thought it would be and picture heavy. I’ll write about another game later. Thanks for coming through to read my thoughts. Wash your hands, wear a mask over your nose and be safe out there.

P.S: I DO plan on streaming again – I want to be on twitch, youtube, trovo and perhaps FacebookLive. That might be a bit ambitious of me, but hey I gotta try. A few of my friends and my sister also suggested doing a podcast – but to be honest I have NO idea what I would talk about. ^_^

I’m Still Here

Hey everyone…it has been a long time since I’ve written anything. Lock down and distance learning for the boy and work and seasonal depression has been kicking my ass. I have been pretty active on Twitter – and by active I mean talking and reposting other peoples stuff *shrug*.

Today I woke up feeling pretty dang decent and figured I would write some stuff and thangs. Is this going to be ongoing? NO idea…but listen. I’m here…you’re here…the sun is up….well it’s up where I am. So hey let’s do this.

Games I’m NOT Playing:

I know in the past I have gushed about ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Played it from Beta onward. I loved that game and still have very fond memories of it. One of the more recent updates made it so that you couldn’t group to do Battle Grounds. Now I am by no means a PvP expert and in fact usually shy away from such things. But BG’s was so much fun with my friend MurderCat. It was our thing. We actually got paid in gold providing a service to players who didn’t know what they were doing to run them. Heck I made enough to get 4 in game houses – lol. Once they made that a none doable thing – well I stopped playing. It wasn’t as fun for me. Random players who have no idea what they are doing and have no strategy is not fun. You can message each other but that is only good for a short period of time. Cause when the crap hits the fan it’s split second movements sometimes and fast decisions.

GW2 (Guild Wars 2) Another Good game. We transitioned over to it for a while. This was another one of those games that you can kinda get sucked into it. We started doing a lot of World vs World stuff. It was fun running around and just acting like tourists, flipping random points to just annoy the heck out of other players. Gathering things to get a special mount and have the best gear we could have. But sadly I lost focus with it. There was a lot I didn’t understand and in my limited game play time I felt I was falling more and more behind. I got kinda lost in the gathering of materials and got bored with it rather quickly. It wasn’t as fun – or rather the things I DID find fun were pointless in the long run.

Albion Online this is one of those games – not gonna lie it’s addictive and I really liked for a couple of months. Started a guild and built an island base and the whole 9 yards. Super fun the running around, combat wasn’t to hard but was hard. I don’t know how to even begin to explain that lol. Once again after a bit I fell off of it.

Path of Exiles OK not even gonna pretend – I got 100% stuck on a quest line. Got far enough to unlock the base, but when the world turned dark pfft. I was done. Couldn’t figure it out.

Can't Be Bothered - Kermit The Frog - Sticker | TeePublic

Dishonored – ok well I played this for ummm like maybe 4hrs in total. I got it in a package deal from steam. Ok the look is cool and the concept is also kinda cool, but I just wasn’t understanding what I was doing. I realize that I was also playing on the potato computer so that may have also limited my enjoyment.

Bioshock – See above

Whelp that’s gonna be it for now – next I’ll talk about the games I AM playing lol


Life has been tiring. Yeah lock down and protests and not working then working. The whole situation hasn’t been good for anyone. I feel like I’m in this hazy bubble. Things are being no great. I am overly tired and my brain is sluggish BUT…I’m here still.


People I work with are annoying the crap out of me. So I switched from the day shift to the night for the summer for personal reasons. That means instead of having to get up at like 7 am I can get up at like 7:30 am (My child is an early riser) which is fine cause I can be lazy as I wanna be. Ok that’s a lie – mainly because even if I wanna sleep in I end up getting up with him. Making sure he eats and what not…that’s a fun fact KIDS LIKE TO EAT A LOT OF FOOD. Anyways – so I now go into work later. Which is in theory nice, its a bit slower, not as many people. WHELP the AC is broken so its SUPER HOT. I haven’t been sleeping so well and haven’t taken any naps. So I might be a LITTLE cranky. It is also the start of the camp season so phone has been ringing off the hook – not much I can do about that. I mean it’s good thing right? NOW my coworkers like to move things around and make up their own rules. So I look like an idiot when I tell a client something and then someone comes up behind me and says the EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT I SAID.

gif LOL disney disney gif Awkward bad no angelina jolie bye Maleficent angelina jolie gif shade awkward gif bad gif no gif Bye GIF maleficent gif shade gif


I’ve also been sick in the hospital – reason for visit is still UNKNOWN. As in they don’t know what was wrong with me. Something with my blood pressure – so they put me on these pills which I HATE. But until I can figure out a more organic way of dealing with the issue I just gotta push through. It’s funny it was literly 3 days after I left the hospital that everything went into lock down. They gave me 90 days worth of pills and said come back later.

advice pills disability tablets medication meds chronic illness capsules spoonie spoonies

But yeah…sooooooooooooooooo anyways. Im not gonna promise anything but if things get posted GREAT cause you know Blaugaust is gonna happen REAL soon….Love your faces – kisses


Updates and What Not

HEY everybody – so it has been a crazy large amount of time since I’ve written. Life has been going along at a very nice clip – well no its been a big loop of things.

The processor and video card on my computer needs to be updated – which is out of my budget for now. One of the screens I usually use also shut down – kicked the bucket. I was very very lucky that the IT guys gave me one. So back to 2 screens (dam I’m a spoiled fuck aren’t I?) Anyway after taking the computer apart and dusting all the parts and resetting everything it works again. I don’t know why but it does.

So it depressed me like seriously. I have been streaming pretty regular, got followers and subs and everything – not HUGH numbers. In truth I  just couldn’t play anything – I mean of course I just went deeper into my stash of games and rediscovered some I hadn’t played in a long while.

I also have a trial Amazon Prime account and I went to check out what shows they had. One that I had heard a lot about is THE EXPANSE – holy gosh if you haven’t seen it TRUST me it’s worth it. I like Science Fiction a lot – but not usually space opera stuff, whelp this was for sure worth it. I’m already on the 3rd season. I love that I can watch them on my Amazon tablet (which is also old as dirt). It’s exciting stuff for sure.

Been working with the resins and pigments as well – small pieces but they have been coming along well with the UV resin. This weekend I plan on trying the regular resin. Hopefully I will be able to figure it out and it works well. I need a new camera so I can take pictures of stuff.

I haven’t decided yet whats gonna happen with this blog as of yet. I want to keep it, and don’t worry I will. I just need to get a nice schedule going on ideas.

Listen thanks everyone who has been following me so far – you are all so amazing and I hope this year lifts us all up…




Life Update

Hey everyone – I hope life is finding you well enough to do the things that need doing. For me I am progressing in a forward motion, that’s good right? I am still working way more hours then I would like – but that’s how I pay the bills.

I stopped streaming for about 3 months – I didn’t want it to go that far but it did. Last week I decided to jump back into the pool. I streamed on Friday & twice on Saturday – I figured they were my 2 days off so I could really focus on what I wanted to do. It was fun – I’m actually happy that I decided to do it again. I even got my audio stuff together (I was having an issue with volume control). I cried a bit on Saturdays stream because I got 5 subscribers, I know it doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering I only had 1 a while ago it was still a nice thing. So you know what that means? Working on badges, lucky for me I  have ideas on what to do for that. I also streamed for an hour last night, I figured if I’m gonna play maybe someone will like to watch me play. I still don’t have a camera yet, I have been told I should get one. Right now I stream in my living room since that’s where the computer is. But I have a walk in closet that is just storage right now, the plan this week is to get it cleared out and move everything into there. That way if I’m loud I’m not disturbing anyone else in the house. If you want come by and watch me try and relearn like every THING. 

I have also started on a new path in regards to jewelry making – as in now i’m using resins to not only make pieces, but to also give a more finished look to pieces I have done already. I know it sounds like I have my hands in a lot of pots, because in a way I guess I do. It’s all part of being on this path to being a more true version of myself.


A bit of a fuzzy picture – sorry

I’m also using different types of clay – I’ll keep everyone updated on how that goes lol. This picture is a pair of dragon scale earrings that I wasn’t happy with but decided to fill in with resin, I SWEAR they look better in person lol. To be honest, I am a but of a cute obsessive – not that you would know by my everyday look. I think it has something to do with growing up around an older brother and uncles and boy cousins – so that tomboy part came out and sort of stuck. Had very few times to be a girly girl. Now that I’m older I have moments. I admit I really enjoy the making of these things – I’m gonna start with fake sweets and move on from there.

Besides that things are going as they should…maybe lol

Stay classy you guys.

FallOut 76 and Life Things

So I haven’t written in a while – we all know why…its called life. I think since the passing of my Grandmother in August I have been reevaluating a lot of things going on and getting things focused. The way I see it is I’m gonna live till 97 (which is how old she was when she passed away) I might as well live more the way I want to.

One thing that has been happening is that I want to move. Not out of state or anything like that but to a different apartment in the building I am currently in. I had asked about it a few weeks ago and hadn’t heard anything till yesterday. The landlord said they would be interested in letting me move into the smaller apartment. I’m excited about it – they won’t raise my rent but they will include electricity and heat – PLUS a washing machine and dryer. After crunching the numbers it actual does save me some in the long run. So that’s a positive for sure.

I’m hoping to get a looks see of the space again soon so I can make my measurements and figure out how to divide it out better. I already know i’m gonna have to divide it a bit more but if nothing i’m good at planning. So that’s what the home base situation looks like as of right now.

NOW I have been playing FallOut 76 as well – I was feeling burnt out from Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2 so I figured I’d jump back into the country life – LOL.

I logged in and of course redid the look of my character – but the most exciting bit for me is I found a cool head piece that I have lusted after for a while – No it’s not the Bunny head (I’m keeping an eye out for that one still it is actually the Witch one……here is a pic


I know she looks so bad ass doesn’t she ^_^. I’m still not 100% with the build just yet but i’m working on it a bit at a time. The game has enough variety to keep me coming back when i feel the sword and board burn out coming. The no human NPC’s thing is ok as well, for now. While playing last night I was at a train station when another human person showed up out of nowhere, It was funny to finally see another person (I’m not gonna lie they startled me). I waved like a good neighbor and then continued on with the random things I was doing.

There are events going on as well – apparently i missed the Meat Week (not a surprise really). I did get some of the free stuff from it though so that was good. There will be a Halloween event, it starts October 29th till November 5th and it’s called Mischief Night.

I have no idea what is gonna happen, but i’m stoked anyways.

Whelp that’s all for right now, I do have a couple of other things in the works but thats for another post – LATER GATERS.