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My Big Man Mavidan


the living mountain

So time for another toon introduction – and this one is my big boy Mavidan. He is a Norn Elementalist. The Norns are HUGE in size, they are at 9-foot tall – bigger then the Char (which are the cat people).  According to the Wiki they describe Norns as such:

The race of towering hunters experienced a great defeat when the Ice Dragon drove them from their glacial homeland. Nevertheless, they won’t let one lost battle – however punishing – dampen their enthusiasm for life and the hunt. They know that only the ultimate victor achieves legendary rewards.

The norn do not fear death as they believe the bold and strong can achieve immortality, but they do fear they will be weak and end up forgotten. As a result each norn seeks to prove themselves, to build their legend through feats of individual valor and great victories. Every norn hopes their legend will be told by the skaald and celebrated at a moot with story and song. Norn usually have a great sense of personal honor, for a norn without respect from others is already forgotten.

I related to them. Honor to their Family, Ancestors and Totem Spirits. They do give you a choice which Spirit you want to follow – Snow Leopard, Bear, Crow or Wolf.


In the character creation I knew I wanted him to be big -like as big as I could make him. Then I found out I could make his skin dark and I swooned….almost every Norn I had seen has been pale – which I understand since they are based off the Norse race. But after clicking buttons I found it. This perfect dark coloring – at that point my whole back story for him changed. Of course he had to be an Ele – he’s a moving mountain. Which at some point I will blog about.


I mean come on look how smexy he is…swoon

The down side to Norns is they seem to move slower then the other races – I know it’s not true and everyone moves at the same speed unless they have some sort of booster, but they just seem so much slower.

Whelp that’s enough about him for now – I don’t have any others to share so now I will have to get into the fun stuff, or rather fun for me ^_^


He ALMOST looked like this – that’s some nice facial hair – lol

Oh and Fun Fact: there is a Norn in the game called Hordir – hahahaha I was amused by that.

Lulu Hammerman

My second baby is an Asuran. They are very small but super smart. They are mainly inventors or so their racial profile says. Frankly I think they are super cute, but maybe that’s just me.

They kinda look like hairless mice.


In the creation screen I wanted Luli to be very short with long ears. She sort of looks like a bunny to me, which of course I love.

There main city is Rata Sum, a big floating rubix cube. It’s a couple of floor and yes I got lost there. It’s not really my favorite city. It’s all angles and neon lights, like Vegas but not as gaudie.

She was meant for a specific build, a theory craft I think they call it. So I went with Engineer. End game she will be able to wield a hammer (Very excited). I named her after a OC of mine from years ago, a nice steampunk type name.

I was intrigued by the fact that Engi’s can use rifles or pistols. For Lulu it the dream was for an Angelina Jolie Wanted/Tomb Raider vibe…but alas poor Lulu was not set for that. Or rather I couldn’t really picture it.

I was doing OK with the guns and trying to figure out the torrents. Let me say it can be kinda complicated to figure them out. Each has their own set of things they do and it can was a little difficult for me; but I mushed on. Ever the little soldier.

One of the biggest things was,I could use a flamethrower….squeeeeeeeeede BBQ bad guys. It was so much fun running through mobs and taking things..LOVED IT. But I’m seeing that I am actually going to have to change things up in how I play. I’m not killing as well as I think I should be.

I think about the story stuff I went through with my Necro and I have no idea how I’m going to get through some of that stuff.

Oh that reminded me about one of the cutest things. The Asuren lead with their heads. If you’ve ever seen a baby wobble it’s kind of the same. So when they run their heads are so heavy and build the momentum. And they rock like a bobble head..


In case you were wondering this is what an Infinity Ball looks like.

First Baby in Guild Wars 2

My first baby was Ennus Brandson. She is a human Necromancer. I did read up on both the race and the class but to be honest it came down to the armour 🙄. The outfit was a sort of lolita skirt thing that I was attracted to. (I have a huge lolita obsession, but that’s another post). I wanted to be able to be cute and kill things.

The character creation screen is pretty basic. Couple of options, not all terrible but not much in the way of a lot of variety. I was a bit surprised at the starting armour. It was very short and revealing. But you don’t get to decide and I figured I’d be out of it as soon as I could.

Next you get to pick the personal story. Everything I read indicated that it didn’t matter, pick anything. Later I found out that actually it does kinda matter depending on your class type. What you play through.

On a side note: The body options. You can be super waffish skinny, kinda skinny and well OK she needs a sandwich. ESO was master of this in my opinion. There was so many options. Is it to hard to want my sylvani to look like a pumpkin? Just sayin’.

After 45 min to an hour I had her looking halfway decent. The skin color is good. A nice caramel color, with white hair. I figured white hair would be good to match any combination of colors. The style is also a sort of emo short, frankly the options were ridiculously limited. Can we get someone to fix that please, like some texture or something?

Then my adventures began. Showed up in the starter city and proceeded to kick ass and well die some to. There are hearts that you can do that give you exp as a way to level. On top of your main story. In all honesty you can do stuff to fill hearts and work on the main story at your own pace.

I’m not good with keeping track of that to be honest and at this point my friend and I discussed playing a specific build. So I backed away from Ennus and made a new baby…..which will be my next post 😁


Ennus is pretty, but a bit slutish in this armour

First Post….no pressure

I seem to start these things but they never last very long. Mainly because my day to day life is….well kinda boring. I am a functioning adult, I work and pay bills and spend time with my loved ones.

I have found the older I get the better my filter is, I’m very used to the routine. But I have a very exciting life through my video games….I blame Elder Scrolls online to be honest. It was the first PC game I ever bought. I played it everyday for a year SOLID. I Loved it. The views, the lore, the people. Unfortunately it hasn’t been loading on my computer and when it does it lags very bad.

So I was stuck in limbo. No idea what to do.Until my friend told me about Guild Wars 2. Now I was actually aware of the game already I just couldn’t justify buying 2 games for myself. Until they said those wonderful words..FREE TO PLAY. What??? No sub fee nothing??? So in less the 24hrs I was on. That was October 2015, and I play every day (baring illness or no access cause you know other people live here and only one computer).

Is it cliche to say a video game changed my life? Well it did. It gives me confidence, but not only that it inspires me. Yeah OK it’s writing bad fanfiction and a lot of photo editing. Its a challenge for sure.

My oldest boy is in the Air force and I’ve gotten him to start playing too. We sometimes team up to do things and we talk online while we play. It’s another way to keep in touch with him. It may seem like a little thing but its huge to me.

So I figure that’s what this blog will be about. This wonderful game and the fun I’m having. But be warned I don’t know the names of a lot of things. I am bad at that. Hopefully you won’t get annoyed with that and if you do its OK to not follow me…..I’m probably lost anyway.