First Post….no pressure

I seem to start these things but they never last very long. Mainly because my day to day life is….well kinda boring. I am a functioning adult, I work and pay bills and spend time with my loved ones.

I have found the older I get the better my filter is, I’m very used to the routine. But I have a very exciting life through my video games….I blame Elder Scrolls online to be honest. It was the first PC game I ever bought. I played it everyday for a year SOLID. I Loved it. The views, the lore, the people. Unfortunately it hasn’t been loading on my computer and when it does it lags very bad.

So I was stuck in limbo. No idea what to do.Until my friend told me about Guild Wars 2. Now I was actually aware of the game already I just couldn’t justify buying 2 games for myself. Until they said those wonderful words..FREE TO PLAY. What??? No sub fee nothing??? So in less the 24hrs I was on. That was October 2015, and I play every day (baring illness or no access cause you know other people live here and only one computer).

Is it cliche to say a video game changed my life? Well it did. It gives me confidence, but not only that it inspires me. Yeah OK it’s writing bad fanfiction and a lot of photo editing. Its a challenge for sure.

My oldest boy is in the Air force and I’ve gotten him to start playing too. We sometimes team up to do things and we talk online while we play. It’s another way to keep in touch with him. It may seem like a little thing but its huge to me.

So I figure that’s what this blog will be about. This wonderful game and the fun I’m having. But be warned I don’t know the names of a lot of things. I am bad at that. Hopefully you won’t get annoyed with that and if you do its OK to not follow me…..I’m probably lost anyway.

4 thoughts on “First Post….no pressure

  1. Xannziee

    Great posting! To use the game to meet up with ppl is what its all about. To do something fun while talking insted of getting stuck in endless phone calls 🙂 i love to play with my kids too..



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