Lulu Hammerman

My second baby is an Asuran. They are very small but super smart. They are mainly inventors or so their racial profile says. Frankly I think they are super cute, but maybe that’s just me.

They kinda look like hairless mice.


In the creation screen I wanted Luli to be very short with long ears. She sort of looks like a bunny to me, which of course I love.

There main city is Rata Sum, a big floating rubix cube. It’s a couple of floor and yes I got lost there. It’s not really my favorite city. It’s all angles and neon lights, like Vegas but not as gaudie.

She was meant for a specific build, a theory craft I think they call it. So I went with Engineer. End game she will be able to wield a hammer (Very excited). I named her after a OC of mine from years ago, a nice steampunk type name.

I was intrigued by the fact that Engi’s can use rifles or pistols. For Lulu it the dream was for an Angelina Jolie Wanted/Tomb Raider vibe…but alas poor Lulu was not set for that. Or rather I couldn’t really picture it.

I was doing OK with the guns and trying to figure out the torrents. Let me say it can be kinda complicated to figure them out. Each has their own set of things they do and it can was a little difficult for me; but I mushed on. Ever the little soldier.

One of the biggest things was,I could use a flamethrower….squeeeeeeeeede BBQ bad guys. It was so much fun running through mobs and taking things..LOVED IT. But I’m seeing that I am actually going to have to change things up in how I play. I’m not killing as well as I think I should be.

I think about the story stuff I went through with my Necro and I have no idea how I’m going to get through some of that stuff.

Oh that reminded me about one of the cutest things. The Asuren lead with their heads. If you’ve ever seen a baby wobble it’s kind of the same. So when they run their heads are so heavy and build the momentum. And they rock like a bobble head..


In case you were wondering this is what an Infinity Ball looks like.

2 thoughts on “Lulu Hammerman

  1. Catsin

    I agree, asura are pretty cute 😀 I love the name Lulu Hammerman! I think it really suits a tiny flamethrower-wielding engineer. And the thing you mentioned about them running with their heads–it looks absolutely hilarious in bobblehead mode. It always makes me burst out laughing.

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