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People talk shit…it is simply a fact of life. Someone will always talk about you – if your doing good or bad or even not doing anything at all.

I find that you can build a lot of assumptions about a person this way. People tent to gossip about the negative and not so much the positive things people are doing. Misery loves company. Unhappy people tend to like being around other unhappy people.

I know there are people talking crap about me – I have heard people talk crap, although they may not have known that I knew. So what do you do?

Once I would have confronted the person directly. I don’t like people saying I said something I didn’t. Now I have changed. I simply back away…does this add to my personal happiness – sometimes. Sometimes it doesn’t. There are people I want to talk to, but I don’t. I miss them a lot and hope someday to be able to reconnect.

And you heard that from me.

D is for Dead Frontier


OH MY she actually going to write about a video game….yes..yes I am. The game is called Dead Frontier and I was very much hooked on this game for about 2 years. It was one of the first games I actually got a subscription for. Which of course has since lapsed, but I still play it off and on.

Dead Frontier is a free-to-play, browser-based MMOG which takes place in a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested setting.

You pretty much give your email, make an account and boom your in. You get the option to make a character, now the options are super limited – but thats fine. Certain avatars have stats and money already or not.

It’s a top down view – the graphics are good for a browser game for sure. There are cycles of night and day.  So the background story is pretty basic – big corporation unleashes virus known as N-4, people get infected (All of this taking place in the Summer of 2016, sooooo yeah seeing how the world is doing right now I kinda wouldn’t be surprised at this point) – where the game play starts this has been going on for a while already.

It’s pretty much do what you like – they do offer missions if you want to take them where you are rewarded in some money. Looting is a good way to get supplies and money as well. The zombies start as regular ones and they just get bigger and harder in different zones. (Personally I was not all that good with the dogs. ) There are 5 Safe zones or Outposts. You start at Nastya’s Holdout – thats the beginners area. Don’t be fooled, yeah its for beginners but it can get crazy when a swarn comes. When I first started playing you couldn’t go into any houses and a few larger buildings – but that has since changed.


Some of the zombies – they gross looking

A large amount of my DF time was spent either being on the Forums or the Market place. The Market place is an area where you could sell or buy stuff ( sorry I know thats a derp statement).. Now when I usually start playing a new game I do a lot of research, watching youtube videos, reading reviews – in all honesty I didn’t really follow any of that.

I’m not good with stats and numbers and what have you – never have been. But I did actually pay a bit of attention in this game.I knew I was never going to get the best of the best of the best – but hey thats cool. All I know for sure was I wanted a P90 machine gun….my god I was in heaven. But of course that raises aggro and there are somethings that go bump in the night that you don’t want to deal with. SO it sometimes came down to close combat – which usually had me with either a Bowie/Kitchen knife and a Luger.

Now the gun raises aggro so you have to be careful when you use it – I have tried lots of different combos – I prefered double knives…..SO if you get a chance check it out for sure.

C is for Color

Dang – I think I’m getting worst at this – but hey its cool…I’m still here.

Our “C” word is color. The world is full of different color combinations (Unless your color blind – but even then you can sometimes see some colors). The reason we are able to see color is because we perceive only the reflected colors.

Colors can be used to organize things, to invoke a feeling and even to describe an emotional response:

“The woman’s face flushed pink at the excitement of the moment…”

“My despair is black as pitch – no light enters this cold dead place…”

“The jungle glistened after the rain. Large gray storm clouds hugged the hill-top, while trees with emerald and lime leaves waved in the wind…”

But the word “Colored” was once used as a derogatory term towards African Americans:

“We don’t serve colored here…”


Colors can be complimentary – which means they are pairs of colors which, when combined, cancel each other out. This means that when combined, they produce a grey-scale color like white or black. When placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast for those particular two colors.



Each color has a basic meaning:


These are examples of course – and different people may have a different idea of what color symbolises what. Like in Asian culture when a woman got married she would wear Red for luck and not white (which is a color of moarning). Although of course that is changing due to Western influence.

The use of color is a HUGE subject – which I am no expert at. It is amazing why it can be applied to…therapy, religion, magic…you could spend a lifetime trying to learn about it and not even get a percentage of its significance.

OK Im keeping this one short – its funny I write way longer posts then I actually post…might be why Im so behind..yikes

Better late then never….

OK this time I don’t have a good excuse – well that’s not true I had to finish the Outsiders season 1. It’s also Monday here – which means yesterday was the season finale of The Walking Dead…..could not miss that.

I know, I know I should just write these out earlier and put them on a timer or something – but I can’t seem to write that way. I mean maybe one or two sentences but then I get stuck. Better to sit and bang it out and be done.

The letter of the day is B….and it was not as hard this time to think of the things I wanted to write about. First is my BOYS, I have two of them one is almost 7 and the other is 18. As much as they are different they are the same and I love them LOTS.

Both of them learn differently then other kids and frankly that’s fine. Yes it is a lot more work on my part – but it is worth it. Honestly I have moments, you know the am I being a good parent? I don’t shower them with toys – but they are allowed a lot of books since education is super important to me. Well I try not to dwell on it.

Something I find so super cute is they place games same as me too. They make the same sounds and complaints and running dialogue I do. They speaks in the same manner and similar sense of humor. The younger one has a very outgoing personality, I’m not sure if he will stay that way – but I hope so.


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The Universe Hates Me

Ok so I had my post all ready yesterday…even set it up to autopost..and my computer died, no warning. I’m typing this on my tablet right now….so I will have to either combine both days and have it shorter then I thought. But I will just do as planned and post B later today.

My “A” word is Anthropomorphism….which is giving human emotions Ana intentions to non-human entities and is something everyone does. There is a history of it in storytelling and fables, as well as in games and television.

One of those stories is Alice in Wonderland. I always enjoyed the white rabbit running around worried about being late. The caterpillar who smokes and even the singing flowers. I’m fairly sure we know cards aren’t soldiers running around…..right?

Disney does this a lot, like every single one more or less. Who didn’t love the carpet from Aladdin. I mean Beauty and the Beast…..yeah.

I honestly have an internal debate if this would apply to zombies. I mean they are not alive…but walk around. I don’t think anyone has given them emotions or feelings. Well minus that one movie that they made with the teenager who was unzombing or that BBC show that although interesting was….yeah.

Well like I said I’m keeping this one short as I haven’t finished my next post.

Later Duckies.