Better late then never….

OK this time I don’t have a good excuse – well that’s not true I had to finish the Outsiders season 1. It’s also Monday here – which means yesterday was the season finale of The Walking Dead…..could not miss that.

I know, I know I should just write these out earlier and put them on a timer or something – but I can’t seem to write that way. I mean maybe one or two sentences but then I get stuck. Better to sit and bang it out and be done.

The letter of the day is B….and it was not as hard this time to think of the things I wanted to write about. First is my BOYS, I have two of them one is almost 7 and the other is 18. As much as they are different they are the same and I love them LOTS.

Both of them learn differently then other kids and frankly that’s fine. Yes it is a lot more work on my part – but it is worth it. Honestly I have moments, you know the am I being a good parent? I don’t shower them with toys – but they are allowed a lot of books since education is super important to me. Well I try not to dwell on it.

Something I find so super cute is they place games same as me too. They make the same sounds and complaints and running dialogue I do. They speaks in the same manner and similar sense of humor. The younger one has a very outgoing personality, I’m not sure if he will stay that way – but I hope so.


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