C is for Color

Dang – I think I’m getting worst at this – but hey its cool…I’m still here.

Our “C” word is color. The world is full of different color combinations (Unless your color blind – but even then you can sometimes see some colors). The reason we are able to see color is because we perceive only the reflected colors.

Colors can be used to organize things, to invoke a feeling and even to describe an emotional response:

“The woman’s face flushed pink at the excitement of the moment…”

“My despair is black as pitch – no light enters this cold dead place…”

“The jungle glistened after the rain. Large gray storm clouds hugged the hill-top, while trees with emerald and lime leaves waved in the wind…”

But the word “Colored” was once used as a derogatory term towards African Americans:

“We don’t serve colored here…”


Colors can be complimentary – which means they are pairs of colors which, when combined, cancel each other out. This means that when combined, they produce a grey-scale color like white or black. When placed next to each other, they create the strongest contrast for those particular two colors.



Each color has a basic meaning:


These are examples of course – and different people may have a different idea of what color symbolises what. Like in Asian culture when a woman got married she would wear Red for luck and not white (which is a color of moarning). Although of course that is changing due to Western influence.

The use of color is a HUGE subject – which I am no expert at. It is amazing why it can be applied to…therapy, religion, magic…you could spend a lifetime trying to learn about it and not even get a percentage of its significance.

OK Im keeping this one short – its funny I write way longer posts then I actually post…might be why Im so behind..yikes

2 thoughts on “C is for Color

  1. unibookworm

    Love this post! =) So amazing how the colours I’m naturally drawn to-purple, yellow and light blue describe me perfectly 😉 what are you fave colours? Thanks for an interesting post!



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