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I missed Blaugust


OK so I had FULL intentions to do Blaugust…..I really really really did. Life of course decided it would not actually be that way.

I think I wanted more followers, then realized that I would actually have to write things got people to have to read. So its a win/win lose/lose.

BUT it’s not really a super bad thing as I am going outside my comfort zone and deciding that I am going to go for something I would never even think of not that long ago.

So my sister sent me some info about a grant program, that is for $6,000. Now that’s not chump change. It would actually be able to use that money to help me to get my more artish side bumped up.

There are a few classes I would like very much to take and I could pay a bill or two (they aren’t really that high to begin with – lol). I would also be able to take not one but two vacations.

Nothing fancy mind you. I would LOVE to go to the Smithsonian – I have always wanted to go and I have been interested in seeing Canada for some reason.

So I have a lot of work I need to do and it hasn’t been easy but I am really going for it. Even if I don’t win the big money at least I can say that I tried and maybe it will lead me to something else. Fingers crossed…..

Plugging along

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Being an adult is not as fun and exciting as most people would think (and by people I mean those under a certain age). I have been working my butt off, not just in my regular day to day job – but also in my beading art thing. It takes up a lot of hours.

The last 3 weeks I have hit a wall, I’m not inspired to make anything or even to talk to anyone if I can help it. Although I had ideas of things I maybe wanted to blog about nothing would come out. NOW add on a heatwave and I have no AC. I have been lucky in that I have fans that can blow the hot air around – yeah for me. I get sick when I over heat and can have really bad migraines.

I am also a very silly person in that I neither eat nor drink enough. So these past few days have been me getting up super early to do laundry at the laundry mat and going to the grocery store and walking the dog before it becomes to much to take.

I realize by the time I have enough money for an AC unit it will most likely be winter….hahaha.

Anyway since I was siting home and didn’t feel like doing anything creative I decided to play Guild Wars 2. Now I used to actually have a few friends who I played with. One girl went on vacation for the WHOLE summer – must be nice. Another I haven’t spoken to in like 5 months. SO I have been going it alone. I like to be social when I play and in all honesty it can be a bit lonely not having anyone to talk to. I am working on fixing that.

If your playing the game too then you know there has been another Living Story added. I haven’t finished the current one I’m on yet, so I figured I should just plow through that.

I very much have NO idea what the hell I’m doing. I’ve been running around trying to figure out how to get to the hero points and mastery points. It’s not really going all that well for me on that regard. I’m happy to say though that I have finally unlocked bouncing mushrooms and updraft ^_^.

I have also seen other parts of Orr that I hadn’t with my other character – I always like new places. So once I’m finished with the Living Story I’m on now I can go ahead and do the other newer one. I took some screen shots but of course don’t have access to them now.

Figured I would share – hope your all staying cool in this killer heat……