I missed Blaugust


OK so I had FULL intentions to do Blaugust…..I really really really did. Life of course decided it would not actually be that way.

I think I wanted more followers, then realized that I would actually have to write things got people to have to read. So its a win/win lose/lose.

BUT it’s not really a super bad thing as I am going outside my comfort zone and deciding that I am going to go for something I would never even think of not that long ago.

So my sister sent me some info about a grant program, that is for $6,000. Now that’s not chump change. It would actually be able to use that money to help me to get my more artish side bumped up.

There are a few classes I would like very much to take and I could pay a bill or two (they aren’t really that high to begin with – lol). I would also be able to take not one but two vacations.

Nothing fancy mind you. I would LOVE to go to the Smithsonian – I have always wanted to go and I have been interested in seeing Canada for some reason.

So I have a lot of work I need to do and it hasn’t been easy but I am really going for it. Even if I don’t win the big money at least I can say that I tried and maybe it will lead me to something else. Fingers crossed…..

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