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So in order for me to have things to write about I actually have to do the things…lol. I have been spending a LARGE amount of my time playing ESO  – and loving and hating it at the same time.

I didn’t actually write anything about it mainly because all I was doing was grinding to save gold to get the house…I’ll write about that later.

With Homestead there are blueprints and such that you can learn to make furniture – have been grinding that too or maybe at the same time???? Anyway there are some nice things out there – I am trying to make a list of what I can make and the mats you need.

Achievement based housing items…..wish list?

My wonderful Guilds Lone Wolf Help and Royal Bank of Tamriel……both are awesome.

PvP stuff – cool but scary but cool.

UHH lost most of the time……

My FIRST successful dungeon run with less then 20 people lol ^_^

To many alts can be confusing – lol

OK I think this is a pretty short list of the things I want to write about. Which I will have to jump on

Busy Bee

HELLOOOOOO every bunny. I want to say life has been busy and that is why I haven’t written anything; but that would be a lie. And I feel we are at a point in our relationship where I don’t need to lie to you…hahaha.

Firstly I have been working, covering shifts at work for people. I don’t mind so much, if a coworker needs help I do what I can. It’s not always about the money at all. Work is work – it’s what I have to do in order to do what I want to do. Sometimes the hours are very long, so I have taken to napping when I get home. Somewhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours. It is needed for sure, naps are wasted on the young in my opinion.

Secondly, as EVERYONE in the world know politics….keeping informed as much as I can -but knowing when to disconnect.

What have I been doing? Well let me tell you, I have been doing the things in Elder Scrolls Online. Now I started this blog GUSHING about Guild Wars 2 – which I am still playing. The truth of the matter is I have been living the ESOlife. Everyday (almost) I hop on and play for a bit, a bit of course meaning 3-4 hrs. So be prepared to be a wash in ESO stuff.

There are so many new things to do and old things as well. New people to meet and well old people to refresh as well. I’ve sort of kinda have a list together of what I want to write about.




SO stay tooned…..