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H is for House

To be honest I haven’t played a lot of different games – not because I didn’t want to. Mainly it was because I didn’t have a lot of time. When it came down to it I was more interested in reading and doing personal research. Which are both pretty nerdy things to do, you know studying the history of local plants for fun.

When I hit my mid-20’s I started to be more interested in making the time to play the games I wanted. My ex-husband introduced me to owning a gaming system so that did make it a lot easier. Growing up I had to share with my cousins, or rather they had a system and they would sometimes let me play. I loved the usual things like Mario and Tetris, with no interest in the sports games my ex played. It was also good that my older son also liked playing games and we would spend time in the store figuring out which games we wanted to play. I think another thing that stopped me was the price of the games, they were pretty pricey as far as I was concerned.

The first game I played all the way through (10 disks worth of gaming) was Legend of Dragoon – everyday religiously for 2hrs a day I went through it. I didn’t have or use cheat books, it was a lot of trial and error. I also dabbled in Kingdom Hearts (more my son’s thing than mine). So my love of gaming grew, at this point I also discovered Beta testing games. Which was fun and something I considered an honor.

Now Beta testing doesn’t guarantee that the final game will be the same. I played City of Steam all through Beta and made a few online friends along the way. I loved the look and feel of the game and was one of the few games I wrote fanfiction about. Unfortunately the final game was almost nothing like the original game I played – like NOT AT ALL. The creatures had sold the game and everything to some big company who made it into this “thing”. I couldn’t go back to it after that disappointment. Uhhh what was my point? Oh yeah so City of Steam had a “type” of housing – instanced housing as in 2 rooms. You could do some decorating, but rather when you did missions you got rewards that would be placed in your house. It didn’t interest me or rather it did but since I couldn’t figure out how to progress with it I sort of just let it go.

Going through my memory I know housing was not really all that important to me. I played alone and did not really socialize with other players. But of course I was always giddy once I found out about housing and how to work it. Now not 100% sure, but I think Aion had one of the first real housing that I dealt with. I got lost in the neighborhoods and apartments. You could more or less decorate anyway that you want and you could visit someone’s house if they left it open. It took a while for me to realize how things worked – and when I stopped playing I still wasn’t 98.38124648237% sure I had figured it out.


images (1)

GW2 has an instanced housing – funny story there. I had NO idea how to get to it or where it was. Months and months of playing and I couldn’t figure it out. I didn’t stress about it too much until you know they let you adopt cats. SOOOOOO I found the housing, by accident. I had adopted a cat and it was apparently right next to the house or rather pod that I “owned”, Very much a derp moment. I was kinda bummed that I couldn’t you know decorate. I’ll be honest there are a LOT of pretty places in the game where I wouldn’t mind setting up a nice apartment. Even some villages that are nice I would love to set up house. (I’m looking you LIONS ARC).

OK so at this point we all know I play ESO (elder Scrolls Online) and it is my go to game to the point of obsession. ESO now has player housing. Not only can you buy furniture – you can find blueprints throughout the world and can build them yourself. When I was playing I would make a bit of gold building pieces of furniture. It is probably one of the funnest things in the game for me. Hunting down blueprints and finding mats to make these things.

There are a number of ways to get a house – you can spend crowns, which is real world money to be honest. I didn’t have a lot of them so I didn’t go with that options. I figured maybe I could use them for something else cool.

Another way is you can use gold that you have gathered in the game. I had a pretty nice amount and had started to save as soon as the housing announcement went out. I was a little short but figured I could figure it out later on. What I didn’t realize is with the paying with gold option you have to do certain quest lines – depending on where the house is. I would say they are side quests, but to be honest if you’re playing through your zone your going to have done and or started the quest anyway. The one I did took me weeks – I blame myself I wanted to buy the house with my main character and she is of course in a different faction from where the house is. Live and learn – or rather die and respawn a LOT.

Picking a house was all about research for me – or rather I knew the one I wanted and sent every one of my characters there to see how they would feel (Yes I know it sounds crazy – but whatever). In all honesty it only worked for 2 of my ladies – but hey one of them is my main so the other 3 will have to deal…for now.

A nice compact home

This is Twin Arches the house I fell in LOVE with is in DC near Hallin’s Stand. The price was 73,000 gold. It is plain enough that I felt I had a lot of options to decorate. There is a bit of a flat roof – so I wanted to do some sort of lounge roof area. Imagine my disappointment when I COULDN’T get on the roof. I felt so sad like I wanted to cry – FYI my guild mates don’t mention the roof any more cause of all the emotions I went through because of this discovery – lol. So I left the house for a few weeks, I didn’t want to do anything and was sad every time I went there. So I figured maybe I can’t go with another idea with the inside of the house.

The inside has this dome thing – I figured OH I have an idea for that space. But alas FREAKIN’ CEILING CAP. As in I can see the space and I can kinda put something up there, but I can’t you know ACTUALLY go in to use it. VERY FRUSTRATING.

images (2).jpg

After talking to Ari and a few other guildmates, plus helping other people do things in their houses I decided it was time for me to work with what I have. It’s not finished by any means but it’s a start and I had a number of clever ideas. (those pictures I will post later).

So now the next question is for me – since only 2 of the 5 like the house what am I going to do? There is another house I liked, costs a bit more gold – but i think I will get it as well. I’m not sure if I will be able to do the things I roughly have planned in it, but I might just be able to. It’s called Velothi Reverie, it’s in EP in the town of Narsis. It will cost me 323,000 gold or 4200 crowns empty and 5300 furnished.

download (1).jpg

Front of the House


Back of the House

Looking at the furniture that would come with the furnished house is down right UGLY. I may like the style of the house – but the style of the furniture is just not my speed. Then i also wonder if there will be Morrowind houses. Which I mean will make things very very different. What if they do and I like it better where am I going to get the gold. Why am I already stressing about this – lol. But I’m going to try and be positive, my computer should be finished soon and my understanding is the the PTS will be up and they will let us try Morrowind.

Hopefully at that point I get a better idea ^_^

C is for Continuing

So as I said the other day I am using the C as a continuation on blogs I read 😛

In all honesty there are some I follow that haven’t written in along time, but I still find myself going back and rereading the things that they have posted, any way here we go: is a A Guild Wars 2 Fansite made for fans, by fans. Fanfiction, webcomics and more! They are really good about updating stuff and there is always something to read and laugh about. I have been following for almost 8 years. Directly from the site

“Dver is a spirit-worker on the margins of Hellenic polytheism, with ties to English, Germanic and Slavic folk traditions as well. A priestess of Dionysos, and also devoted to Hermes, and a host of personal and local spirits, her main practices include entheogenic trance, pathwalking, bone-working, sacred art, liminal magic, and devotional worship.” is The Very BEST in Afrofuturism and Black Speculative Fiction! You read that correctly – something you didn’t know you wanted to read. I’ve only been following this for a year or so – but it inspires. copied directly from her blog – Let me tell you she is the MOST wonderful person ever. I have followed her blog through MANY changes and to be honest she feels like a close friend.

“My name is Carolina Gonzalez and I am a Curandera, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Worker from Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands, located in the Northwest coast of Africa. I follow the Canarian traditions of Curanderismo and Brujería, and I am an initiate of Maria Lionza’s religion, a form of Afro-Latin Espiritismo that has its roots in Venezuela, a country deeply tied to me through my father’s family.

In this blog, I want to document the more creative side of the work I do, and of the life I live – a life that is devoted to serving the relationship with Spirits of any kind. You will find gardening, magical crafts, cooking, self-sufficiency, and of course any interesting information about historical-magical traditions of my little corner of paradise.” ANOTHER of my online Sisters (she doesn’t know that of course). All of her posts have feeling in them and sometimes I want to shake her and let her know how she sometimes feels about herself is false. But that would you know make me seem like a stalker….but if you get a chance to see her youtube videos and hear her voice you’ll understand how cute she is. Even my 7yo loves to watch her ^_^ Now this one is uhhh interesting. It is a food blog that recreates delicious treats from video games. THAT’S RIGHT – you read it correctly. She MAKES THE FOOD FROM VIDEO GAMES and tells you how you can too.


YES that is a real life Sweetroll Her blog is actually called 7 Days a Week – I don’t know how to do the link thing for some reason – lol. ANYWAY another of my gaming Sisters. Very sweet and funny ^_^


OK so I KNOW I’ve missed a lot of blogs that I follow – there really are a lot of them and I don’t want to snub anyone and I have to at some point link them somewhere. But at least you have an idea of some of the things I like to read.

I am also convinced that the nicest people on the internet seem to be Swiss and English (LOL JUST KIDDING).. Whelp that’s all for now – what the heck am I going to write about now?

P.S: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO apparently I linked one of the blogs incorrectly Sparks on the Horizon is not current. Her current blog is (but if you WANT to read her older stuff then please go for it)

B is for Books & Blogging

OK I realize that trying to write about all the books I like was crazy – mainly because it was a very long list. I couldn’t even tell you my top 20.

Then I thought “WAIT I could write about the blogs I follow” – which was, welllllllllllll……. a bust. Mainly because I follow a crap ton of them.So I thought maybe in my crazy world of mine I could write about the Bloggers who wrote Books…Ohhh that sounds like a novel idea. But then I seemed to not remember who has written a book and who hasn’t, my brain it works not so good sometimes. So I’m going to try my best with that and maybe list some of the blogs I follow and maybe why I follow them…..or not (shrug).


Ok here we go in no particular order:


Jenny Lawson…her blog is called The Bloggess ( I was first introduced to her by my sister who said she was me. Which you know, ok. Don’t we all have someone who reads something and is like OMGOSH this could be you. So I went over to her space and let me tell you – YES on so many levels. She is funny and she gets it. Or rather doesn’t get it or maybe more like she gets it, puts it down, picks it up then wanders off. She has written a number of books – You are Here (it’s a coloring book), Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. The last one I actually own and read in one day. I often go back to it to randomly read and get a good giggle.


Allie Brosh…She is the creator of Hyperbole and a half ( I was also introduced to this by my sister(my sis has good taste – lol). VERY funny stuff, I often find myself looking at the pictures and laughing my butt off.She has written a book by the same name as her blog.


Luvvie Ajayi…her blog Awesomely Luvvie ( gives me LIFE. I laugh and cry and a bunch of other emotions. She is that auntie that talks crap about EVERYONE at any event.The one that gives you the skinny on what’s going on.The comments to her posts are OFF THE WALL. Sometimes they make me laugh harder than the original post.She ALSO wrote a book called I’m Judging You…which tickles me. I don’t own it, but it’s on my list of books to get someday.


The following bloggers/blogs don’t have books as far as I know of:

The Couch Session ( is my go to spot for music. They have LITERALLY everything I like to hear. Some stuff I didn’t even know I wanted to hear.I found this one by accident one day and fell in love. I’m currently using it to get my gaming music together.But it’s not just that – it’s also culture, which a LOT of people need right about now.

So confession time I am not a girly girl, but there are times I like to think i have my moments. And so I bring you All The Pretty Birds ( blog is stunning and I love it for all the weirdest reasons. It inspires me – I have based a few characters on some of the images and various scribbles. A good must see.

A friend of mine told me about the blog – it’s sort of a bunch of blogs in one place, if that makes any type of sense.

I know this is getting super long isn’t it – YIKES….

Hmmmm I think I’m going to stop here and continue tomorrow (see what I did there ‘ll be hitting my letter C – LoL)




So I put a little thought into what this would be and it hit me. My A word is admitting. So I’m letting you guys in so you can know a personal truth about me (saw what I did there? – zing)

The truth is I feel like a fraud a large amount of the time. Let me explain, a few weeks ago I was talking to a dear friend of mine who is also a writer – they were not feeling up to par with their skills. I told them that was silly, that their writing was actually amazing and it would be sad if they stopped. That were all pretty much monkeys banging a type writer waiting for War and Peace.

When I was very much a little bunny all I wanted to do was write and I did. Every day – some of it good lots of it crap. At 11 I entered a poetry contest and won, getting to read my poem in front of an assembly. It was very scary – I don’t have a copy of that poem any more. Wish I could find it though.

Then hits the teen years, my writing got darker, my poetry took a REALLY weird bend. But its fine we all go through that. But STILL I wrote everyday. I had a lot inside that I needed to get out.

After 18 it seemed to not happen as much, I focused on other things – not just boys mind you but other STUFF. I started painting (I have since stopped that) I also do beading and other such things.

I notice that I am more often looking into myself and trying to figure out what is going on with me. I still read a ton but not writing as much. I jot things down and get about 1,000 words into it – then blank. So I find myself gazing into space trying to figure out WHAT I was trying to write. So I did what I often do and changed mediums – I try a few lines of poetry or do some bead work or read or get sucked into Pinterest.

Recently, I have been looking into Roleplaying – not in the naughty way (lol) but online. Which still sounds bad – ok I play both Elder Scrolls online and GW2 (I’ve mentioned both before). My computer has since died and I’m building a new one. Now THAT’S something I should write about, anyway I’m still waiting for one part to arrive so I haven’t been able to play ESO and it’s KILLING me. It’s like an addiction and I’ve gone cold turkey. I still interact with some of my game friends through Discord (hmm maybe that’s my D word – lol) but I have been hesitant to really get into it as I don’t know really how. I haven’t done it for a long time now, but another reason is because my characters back stories aren’t finished. As they were more or less growing through game play – or rather the idea of their back stories.

So that has stalled – and I’m finding myself getting more mad and more depressed about it. The worst is I can’t really explain how I feel because I don’t honestly know. I want to do these things and I want to get them out but it seems like I’m falling into bad habits.

Then comes the bad part – I only get so many hours in a day. My mornings are getting my son and I ready to go out, him to school and me to work. Then I’m at work and it’s 8 hrs of…well work. Sometimes my mind can wander but not often. I get out of work and ave maybe 10 minutes then I have to get him off the school bus. Which starts the after work Mom mode. Homework, inter-action, trying to get him to read to me, not being stuck in front of the tv or computer. All of these things easy to get sucked into.

When the weekends come I work on Sundays – so Saturday is my only day. I get up at 7 am and usually do laundry, walk the dog than veg for the rest of the day. I’m not enjoying my life right now. That is something I can admit 100%.