B is for Books & Blogging

OK I realize that trying to write about all the books I like was crazy – mainly because it was a very long list. I couldn’t even tell you my top 20.

Then I thought “WAIT I could write about the blogs I follow” – which was, welllllllllllll……. a bust. Mainly because I follow a crap ton of them.So I thought maybe in my crazy world of mine I could write about the Bloggers who wrote Books…Ohhh that sounds like a novel idea. But then I seemed to not remember who has written a book and who hasn’t, my brain it works not so good sometimes. So I’m going to try my best with that and maybe list some of the blogs I follow and maybe why I follow them…..or not (shrug).


Ok here we go in no particular order:


Jenny Lawson…her blog is called The Bloggess (thebloggest.com). I was first introduced to her by my sister who said she was me. Which you know, ok. Don’t we all have someone who reads something and is like OMGOSH this could be you. So I went over to her space and let me tell you – YES on so many levels. She is funny and she gets it. Or rather doesn’t get it or maybe more like she gets it, puts it down, picks it up then wanders off. She has written a number of books – You are Here (it’s a coloring book), Furiously Happy and Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. The last one I actually own and read in one day. I often go back to it to randomly read and get a good giggle.


Allie Brosh…She is the creator of Hyperbole and a half (http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/) I was also introduced to this by my sister(my sis has good taste – lol). VERY funny stuff, I often find myself looking at the pictures and laughing my butt off.She has written a book by the same name as her blog.


Luvvie Ajayi…her blog Awesomely Luvvie (http://www.awesomelyluvvie.com/) gives me LIFE. I laugh and cry and a bunch of other emotions. She is that auntie that talks crap about EVERYONE at any event.The one that gives you the skinny on what’s going on.The comments to her posts are OFF THE WALL. Sometimes they make me laugh harder than the original post.She ALSO wrote a book called I’m Judging You…which tickles me. I don’t own it, but it’s on my list of books to get someday.


The following bloggers/blogs don’t have books as far as I know of:

The Couch Session (http://www.thecouchsessions.com/) is my go to spot for music. They have LITERALLY everything I like to hear. Some stuff I didn’t even know I wanted to hear.I found this one by accident one day and fell in love. I’m currently using it to get my gaming music together.But it’s not just that – it’s also culture, which a LOT of people need right about now.

So confession time I am not a girly girl, but there are times I like to think i have my moments. And so I bring you All The Pretty Birds (http://www.alltheprettybirds.com/)this blog is stunning and I love it for all the weirdest reasons. It inspires me – I have based a few characters on some of the images and various scribbles. A good must see.

A friend of mine told me about the blog http://www.blackbloggersconnect.com/ – it’s sort of a bunch of blogs in one place, if that makes any type of sense.

I know this is getting super long isn’t it – YIKES….

Hmmmm I think I’m going to stop here and continue tomorrow (see what I did there ‘ll be hitting my letter C – LoL)



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