C is for Continuing

So as I said the other day I am using the C as a continuation on blogs I read 😛

In all honesty there are some I follow that haven’t written in along time, but I still find myself going back and rereading the things that they have posted, any way here we go:

http://www.chroniclesoftyria.com/ is a A Guild Wars 2 Fansite made for fans, by fans. Fanfiction, webcomics and more! They are really good about updating stuff and there is always something to read and laugh about.

https://forestdoor.wordpress.com/ I have been following for almost 8 years. Directly from the site

“Dver is a spirit-worker on the margins of Hellenic polytheism, with ties to English, Germanic and Slavic folk traditions as well. A priestess of Dionysos, and also devoted to Hermes, and a host of personal and local spirits, her main practices include entheogenic trance, pathwalking, bone-working, sacred art, liminal magic, and devotional worship.” 

https://chroniclesofharriet.com/ is The Very BEST in Afrofuturism and Black Speculative Fiction! You read that correctly – something you didn’t know you wanted to read. I’ve only been following this for a year or so – but it inspires.

https://connectedwithlife.wordpress.com/ copied directly from her blog – Let me tell you she is the MOST wonderful person ever. I have followed her blog through MANY changes and to be honest she feels like a close friend.

“My name is Carolina Gonzalez and I am a Curandera, Tarot Reader and Spiritual Worker from Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands, located in the Northwest coast of Africa. I follow the Canarian traditions of Curanderismo and Brujería, and I am an initiate of Maria Lionza’s religion, a form of Afro-Latin Espiritismo that has its roots in Venezuela, a country deeply tied to me through my father’s family.

In this blog, I want to document the more creative side of the work I do, and of the life I live – a life that is devoted to serving the relationship with Spirits of any kind. You will find gardening, magical crafts, cooking, self-sufficiency, and of course any interesting information about historical-magical traditions of my little corner of paradise.”

https://sparksinthehorizon.wordpress.com/ ANOTHER of my online Sisters (she doesn’t know that of course). All of her posts have feeling in them and sometimes I want to shake her and let her know how she sometimes feels about herself is false. But that would you know make me seem like a stalker….but if you get a chance to see her youtube videos and hear her voice you’ll understand how cute she is. Even my 7yo loves to watch her ^_^

http://www.pixelatedprovisions.com/ Now this one is uhhh interesting. It is a food blog that recreates delicious treats from video games. THAT’S RIGHT – you read it correctly. She MAKES THE FOOD FROM VIDEO GAMES and tells you how you can too.


YES that is a real life Sweetroll

https://xannziee.wordpress.com/ Her blog is actually called 7 Days a Week – I don’t know how to do the link thing for some reason – lol. ANYWAY another of my gaming Sisters. Very sweet and funny ^_^


OK so I KNOW I’ve missed a lot of blogs that I follow – there really are a lot of them and I don’t want to snub anyone and I have to at some point link them somewhere. But at least you have an idea of some of the things I like to read.

I am also convinced that the nicest people on the internet seem to be Swiss and English (LOL JUST KIDDING).. Whelp that’s all for now – what the heck am I going to write about now?

P.S: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO apparently I linked one of the blogs incorrectly Sparks on the Horizon is not current. Her current blog is http://www.ancientmana.com (but if you WANT to read her older stuff then please go for it)

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