My shower gives me anxiety

So I have dealt with anxiety one way or another my whole life. I have to say I am usually pretty good with dealing with it on a situation by situation bases. I know the title of this post sounds like an odd thing to write about but it came to mind.

So I live with other people in my apartment – it has one bathroom. Since we are a family we have an unwritten schedule. Lately with my allergies and napping a lot more, as well as changes in my work schedule it has sort of gone out of wack for me. Can’t be helped. During the spring till summer I get athelets foot on my left foot only. It’s weird and I don’t know why, but its always been this way. To try and deal with it. I fill the tub with a bit of water and wash it. I dry them well and put on a nice clean/new pair of socks. This isn’t a full body shower JUST the feet. I sit on the side of the tub while letting the water run.

The way the tub is set up, there are 3 knobs. The one in the middle controls where the water comes from. Either the shower head or the faucet, now logic would dictate that I should just turn this knob before turning on the water and I will be ok. For some reason I always forget which way to turn it for that.

It’s like either this will be nice OR it’s going to rain and I’m not talking about dollar bills.

Whelp there you go – more about me you didn’t know LoL


It’s a struggle sometimes

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