A lot of not great things have been going down in my life, all I can say is change is hard. That I can just continue on and hope for the best results.

There have been good things as well. Victor is enjoying school. Or rather you know not hating it. Hes in 4th grade now so they will be stepping up the work load, not that im worried about that. He has a solid summer homeschool agenda so he wont be behind any one else. If anything he will be ahead and I just have to supplement the things they teach the kids. He is also taking more of a responsible role in his self care. Picking out his clothing and preparing himself in the morning to start the day. Im keeping his hair short so its not a hassle for him in the mornings.

I have a bunch of books for him to read through as well, just one more thing on a list of things.

My job has changed my schedule again, but its way better. So instead of getting out of work at 6:30pm I will be getting out at 3. I still will have off Fridays and Saturdays. Frankly that’s good cause I can do the parent teacher thing and run errands when I need to. It also gives me a chance to do house cleaning without the worry of having him underfoot. Hell I , might be able to take a trip over a long weekend.

I got to talk to my aunt yeaterday which is always an experience. She filled me in on the family gossip. So you understand I have a very large family and I don’t really talk to anyone. Its not that I don’t love them, its more like they don’t understand me. Minus my sister, my aunt and a few cousins.

Its like we come from different worlds. In my dealings with them I have always been about 75% myself. They except that sometimes. Its almost like having multi personalities. I’m going to say the friends i’ve made online know me way better. I can be my goofy weird self and its ok. I have spoken to a lot of really kind people, pretty much all of them married with families. Is it wrong to say I used to get jelly of them and the lives they lead? I know it seems weird, l would never want that to change though. Even if I end up the crazy loner in real life at least its positive human interactions.


2 thoughts on “Creating

  1. Steve

    “You don’t get to pick your family, but you can pick your teachers and you can pick your friends and you can pick the music you listen to and you can pick the books you read and you can pick the movies you see. You are, in fact, a mashup of what you choose to let into your life. You are the sum of your influences. The German writer Goethe said, “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love.” Austin Kleon



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