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Update to Life

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYY everyone – so once again I see I haven’t been writing much – BUT it is OK I’m at peace with it. There is an actual reason for it this time. I have been busyish? Work has been all over the place, holidays have come and gone and life continues on. OK maybe not holidays over with there still is Xmas or whatever you celebrate so that’s ok too.

DID I mention I was playing this? Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

SO I have been streaming – not as much as I would like or as often, but I really have been. It is mostly Maple Story 2 and ONE Elder Scrolls Online. I’m trying to get a schedule together. In the short amount of time I have been doing it I have like 17 followers. It really is exciting times….

I’m having a little issue with the audio, it just doesn’t capture well. I think I may have to turn up the volume from the headset – but that makes it to loud for me to hear. For some reason I also can’t seem to hear the music in the game – not sure why that is.

I have also been looking into other games – One of them is Dying Light 2 (link to a video: ) I didn’t play the first one but have always been interested in it. I may have to get the first one to do the things with and when the second one comes out I can enjoy that. It’s only like $20 on humble bundle right now.

Another I have my eye on is Slime Rancher (link to video:

It seems like another of those really cute games that I would enjoy. OK tats it for now – talk later.

*disclaimer* I actually wanted to write more but this new WordPress setup is a pain in the ass and I don’t like it. Im not in the mood to be annoyed since I still have 4 hours of work and i don’t want my annoyance lvl to go any higher then it is.

What’s Been Going On

I have been busy and i sort of like it and don’t like it at the same time. The change to my work hours has been going on for about 2 weeks now and it’s the oddest thing. I mean not so much in a bad way – but just weird.

Leaving work at 3 pm I walk down the street and look at the trees and the way the light is and the hum of the street. It’s pleasant  and I don’t feel rushed. Of course the down side is my body adjusting to the change – I get up early, which any adult with a child will do anyway. I used to not have to be in until 2 pm on Mondays and Thursday, but now I just open at the same time. And boy oh boy has it been messing with me. I am so tired by the time I leave work I crash as soon as I get home. Don’t get me wrong I was doing that before, but it’s just like pure knock out now. I wake up usually an hour later – which is weird cause you know its only like 4 or 5 pm. So I have actual left over time to do the things. Sadly I’m not inspired to do much till later on.

I did hit one goal of starting to stream my game play on Twitch – it’s Maple Story 2 so it’s just me learning how to play the game. I am having fun with it, I have 7 followers (woot woo). It’s been fun and I know I will add more games later on.

Untitled design

It’s been work, but I don’t care I’m enjoying it. Of course there are down sides – I don’t have an actual chair at my computer desk at home – it is literally a box with a cushion on it. I now have this pain in my rear from sitting there for so long. I think I have another one I can put on it to make it a bit more comfy but who knows at this point. I also am having this random eye and head pain – I know it’s from looking at the screen for so long. So I’ve been looking into getting a pair of those glasses that filter out the blue light.

Let me tell you trying to order glasses online is a THING.  There are all types of measurements and lens and stuff.(I mean duh of course right?) It’s been interesting, I learned I need my glasses to be at least 137mm (5.39in) or it will look like i’m wearing kiddie glasses. My PD is 70mm – a PD is Pupil Distance. Like from one pupil to the other, this helps to make sure the lens are sitting in the right spot.

There are a CRAZY amount of places to get these glasses and I have been reading reviews most of the morning. There are a lot of different types and prices. I noticed the way cheaper ones are not big enough for me to wear without looking like a weirdo and not in a good way. SO it looks like it will be one more thing on my list of things, but I do have a few I really like:

these have a pretty blue color and are made by Spektrum and are the Prospek-50 in Granite. Price is 49.95 before shipping and tax.

I found these for cheaper by a company named Siphew. I think I might go with these for now, but not so sure about the actual shape of the glasses.

Now THESE I really like they hit about the mid price range and the style looks really super cute and not usual to what I have been seeing. The few reviews I’ve seen are on the positive side. The product name is Yizmo and they are made with Bamboo. The weird thing with these is there is no information about the company that I can find. I’m thinking they are a part of a bigger company (Like Gunner or something like that).

Another small goal for the week is figuring out how to get the twitch videos onto YouTube – nothing big, but still a thing…OK talk to you all later ^_^