Twitch and Thangs

I have been busy as of late – a lot of stuff was happening in my life. The possibility of my job closing, the chance of loosing my apartment, the realization that I am in fact getting older if I like it or not.

I looked at this year as a time to do things that I had out on the back burner of life, which is something that often happens when we least expect it. When we start to have kids and get caught up in paying bills we loose a bit of ourselves. Not saying I would want to change that but it seems as if its something that happens.

So this year my youngest son turned 10 and I had to have a long hard look at life. My son is mildly autistic – which is just something one has to deal with. I realized that I coddle him WAY more than I should. He is the sweetest kid – not perfect in anyway but a wonderful boy. I look at him everyday and realize that there was a lot of things he doesn’t do because I didn’t let him. So this summer we made a list of things that he needs to learn to do on his own. We started by saying he needs to start his own shower or run his own bath. Don’t get me wrong its not like I stand in the bathroom with him – I simply turn it on and leave the room. There are so many things he does do and I am proud of him..Is it me? Is it a parenting thing? We want our children to do well and be productive adults – the way the road goes I suppose.

So I have been slowly working through the things I would like to do. It’s a lot shorter than I originally thought. There are a lot of stuff that I have no real interest in doing anymore. I’m in that sort of paused limbo space – where knowing what I want may not be what is best for me. Anyways, so I have been plugging along with Twitch. Not that it’s anything crazy just when I can at this point. I would LOVE to spend more time playing but that would mean less time with Victor and I would hate to do that to him.

But after so many months I have become Affiliated – which was a HUGH deal. Yes I cried during the stream because I was so happy. ( but im gonna keep at it best I can ^_^


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