I am new to the Fallout Universe so I don’t know too much about the lore. I know this is not important to the enjoyment of the game play; BUT I am an odd Bunny so you know Lore is what sucks me in. More for the back story creation for myself (and usually later down the line when I start writing fanfiction about a game). Sometimes there can be to MUCH lore and it all can get mixed up.

ANYWAY I did try and get a basic understanding of the story line. So Fallout 4 you go into the vault on October 23 2077 – that’s when the bomb drops. Your frozen until October 23 2287  which is uhhh 210 years later. In Fallout 76 you leave the vault on October 23rd 2102 which is 25 years later. So there is a rough 185 year difference. Also Fallout 4 is in Boston and Fallout 76 is in Virginia.

There are things that are the same in the games and things that are different of course. The thing that was really annoying me and i’m just realizing right now. In FO76 there are more weapons and bullets and what not, BUT in 4 there is less. I want to be salty about this but thinking about the years between the two games I guess I understand it a lot better now. Since one is only 25ish years after the bomb falls of course there would be more of a supply. Everything hadn’t all been used. There would still be stockpiles of it. In FO4 it is a later year, less supply. It makes sense to me now that I have focused my tired brain on it.

In FO4 they give you a power armour pretty early on, in FO76 I found it by accident after wandering around. Im gonna just put it out there. i don’t LIKE power armour. Its hard to navigate around and its loud. In FO76 I parked it and continued on with my exploration and discovery. In FO4 I did the same, but it quickly came clear that I was gonna need it if I liked it or not. Which I did not.

but im still trying to figure the game out.


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