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I thought I was free….I thought I would never turn back after 4 YEARS of being away.


It’s like an addiction I was hoping to be free of – but I’m not and I’m weak and I blame other people…freakin’ GUILD WARS 2.

Yeah they got me AGAIN – sucked me in and now I couldn’t get out if I wanted to. *deep sigh* YES it’s beautiful, YES it has an amazing story line YES I enjoy the pacing…..yes,yes,yes


It’s true all of it is true – OK their player housing system really kinda sucks but listen you can’t have everything right? But I WAS free – I quit cold turkey. SO what had happened was this – My friend MurderCat he started playing and got sucked in. I warned him but he didn’t listen. So he was playing Elder Scrolls Online less and less – which made me sad because I ENJOY it, granted I wasn’t doing any real content just messing about doing treasure maps and other things. I was kinda bored of the story line after having 8 toons go through it. I wasn’t doing dungeons or delves or any of the group content. Mainly because there was no one I was bothered to do it with. I have made some amazing friend in Elder Scrolls Online – but we are also adults and life has a way of changing things.

So I went back over to GW2 – dusted off the old account got the newest expansion and away we go. This game is a time sink – you can spend 4hrs doing stuff and not be sure if you really even did much of anything. Everything is so in-depth with levels of creation and so welcoming it feels like a trap.

When you hit Level 80 there are zones specifically for you to do stuff in as you make  your way through your “story”. Let me tell you EVERYTHING is trying to kill you – no not even a joke. Plants, people, creatures, animals, the ground itself in some parts (I’m looking at you quicksand). The thing is, this is just PvE CONTENT…not even talking the 2 different types of PvP, or dungeons or Fractals or WHATEVER….and I’m LOVING it. I often find myself saying I hate this game – in which my friend says “No you don’t” and its true I don’t. I don’t hate this game even a little bit. It’s just SO overwhelming there is so much to do.

Now I find myself once again researching charts and what I need to craft armour – which I have to be like OVER level 400 crafting to do. Which means I need more mats. Which means if I don’t want to spend my silver on it I need to go farm it.

I’m finding myself on the guild wars 2 trading post looking at the buying selling prices of things to play the market.

I’m drooling over 2 riffles that THANKFULLY I can buy straight out just to get the skin for them – the one on the left is The Ebon Vanguard and the one on the right is the Shiverpeak Arquebus

yes there are SHINNIES – soooo many……I mean come on look at this: (Chaos Pistol on the left and Citrine Antique revolver on the right)

And these are JUST THE WEAPONS – not including armour. Some of them you have to precursor. As in you have to make the basic to upgrade it to the next level before you can get it to something else. It’s a LOT of work and I really likes it. To be honest I have just scratched the surface of the crafting thing. For my Thief Character she is doing Huntsman and Scribe ( the Scribe is more for guild stuff and PvP siege things).

How could I hate this – and now there are mounts (I have 3 of them and working on the racing beetle one, which would be my 4th). and events. The one right now is the Festival of the 4 Winds.


This Wallpaper is from the website

I am KILLING IT on the races wit the Skimmers – I think they are a mount of choice for me. So prepare yourself to be a part of this crazy lol

I got the giggles

ok let me explain – so it’s Blaughast and as always i’m pretty excited to be doing the things. Although I’m PRETTY sure I’m gonna not do all of them and that’s ok. I will admit one of the really great things I love is that I get to find so many blogs to read. There are a lot of really talented people out there and they can create content like it was nothing (although I’m sure to them its something). Writing isn’t easy it takes a LOT of work and like any skill should be used as often as one can in order to stay sharp.

So today was my Check My Email Its Been A Couple Of Days day. I’m gonna be a hundred with you guys and let you know if I can get my inbox to like 400 I’m happy. (current count is 1,422 – DON’T JUDGE ME well not for that at least). So it shows a lot of activity on peoples blogs that I follow. Now I am a firm believer in supporting things people I like are passionate about. Meaning good positive things of course. If you’re a racist or a bigot or something along those lines I have to draw the line. I don’t have time for that energy.

As i’m going through I start reading peoples posts, liking some, commenting on others. It might not create a dialog, but sometimes it will bring a small sprinkle of happiness. I have a weird type of social anxiety. I have a part of me that is out going within reason but I can also have these panic attacks. It’s something I live with and it has gotten a lot better over the years. The few people I call friend understand – there will be times I will talk to you every day and others where it could likely be months between conversations. Its nothing personal. ANYWAY so the first blog I get to is this one the persons name is Syp and I don’t know them. Don’t think I’ve ever spoken to them. It’s a new blog i’m following thanks to Blagaust. In one of his posts he lists people who are doing the things. Getting to the list I saw my name – MY NAME AND MY BLOG NAME…..I was so happy. I know I blushed and had a silly grin on my face.

Why am I sharing this? Easy, sometimes what we do is seen by the Universe. Sometimes that project that you pour your heart into get recognized as being a thing. As being real. Life can be frustrating and sad at time – but guess what? Someone see’s you and that can be a lot. A small zing in a land of dull. So I’m gonna try and make sure not only that this thing keeps going but that I drop a line to others and let them know we see you and it is good.



I am new to the Fallout Universe so I don’t know too much about the lore. I know this is not important to the enjoyment of the game play; BUT I am an odd Bunny so you know Lore is what sucks me in. More for the back story creation for myself (and usually later down the line when I start writing fanfiction about a game). Sometimes there can be to MUCH lore and it all can get mixed up.

ANYWAY I did try and get a basic understanding of the story line. So Fallout 4 you go into the vault on October 23 2077 – that’s when the bomb drops. Your frozen until October 23 2287  which is uhhh 210 years later. In Fallout 76 you leave the vault on October 23rd 2102 which is 25 years later. So there is a rough 185 year difference. Also Fallout 4 is in Boston and Fallout 76 is in Virginia.

There are things that are the same in the games and things that are different of course. The thing that was really annoying me and i’m just realizing right now. In FO76 there are more weapons and bullets and what not, BUT in 4 there is less. I want to be salty about this but thinking about the years between the two games I guess I understand it a lot better now. Since one is only 25ish years after the bomb falls of course there would be more of a supply. Everything hadn’t all been used. There would still be stockpiles of it. In FO4 it is a later year, less supply. It makes sense to me now that I have focused my tired brain on it.

In FO4 they give you a power armour pretty early on, in FO76 I found it by accident after wandering around. Im gonna just put it out there. i don’t LIKE power armour. Its hard to navigate around and its loud. In FO76 I parked it and continued on with my exploration and discovery. In FO4 I did the same, but it quickly came clear that I was gonna need it if I liked it or not. Which I did not.

but im still trying to figure the game out.


It’s that time Again


Ok so I’m trying to do this again – but I have to say I cleaned it up more for me. I know what mistakes I’ve made in the past. I was gonna write things everyday, that day. In theory that was a great idea. In execution not so much. So I’m gonna bang theses things out and just Que them for different days.

Another issue I was having was trying to figure out what exactly I was gonna write about. I figured “Oh well I wanted this blog to be about my gaming stuff”. Another good idea in THEORY, This blog,  as is my brain is a bit of everything and it’s ok.

It may not be the most beautiful or fun looking. I can only promise that I will try and tag things the best I can.

I feel like that was one of the things that was causing me to not write as much besides life that is. I had put these restrictions on myself that I didn’t need to put on myself. Then I posted pictures and I wanted to do more with that – but the posts were just images and I was feeling like well that’s not a good post.

I also write stories and was feeling that maybe I could post them…maybe I couldn’t post them…do they fit with the theme of my blog? What IS the theme of my blog? Should I start a side blog? I think I already HAVE a side blog – I just don’t know where it is cause its connected to an email that I deactivated cause I never used it. So as you can see, it went down hill pretty freakin’ fast.

This blog is in a way my voice – this is how I speak – this is how I think. I can’t be anyone but myself, nor would I want to be. I would LIKE for people to read the things I write. If they do GREAT. If they don’t ALSO GREAT. *shrug* well. You can come on this journey with me if you like….Im still going even if I got to go alone.