Monthly Archives: August 2019

It’s that time Again


Ok so I’m trying to do this again – but I have to say I cleaned it up more for me. I know what mistakes I’ve made in the past. I was gonna write things everyday, that day. In theory that was a great idea. In execution not so much. So I’m gonna bang theses things out and just Que them for different days.

Another issue I was having was trying to figure out what exactly I was gonna write about. I figured “Oh well I wanted this blog to be about my gaming stuff”. Another good idea in THEORY, This blog,  as is my brain is a bit of everything and it’s ok.

It may not be the most beautiful or fun looking. I can only promise that I will try and tag things the best I can.

I feel like that was one of the things that was causing me to not write as much besides life that is. I had put these restrictions on myself that I didn’t need to put on myself. Then I posted pictures and I wanted to do more with that – but the posts were just images and I was feeling like well that’s not a good post.

I also write stories and was feeling that maybe I could post them…maybe I couldn’t post them…do they fit with the theme of my blog? What IS the theme of my blog? Should I start a side blog? I think I already HAVE a side blog – I just don’t know where it is cause its connected to an email that I deactivated cause I never used it. So as you can see, it went down hill pretty freakin’ fast.

This blog is in a way my voice – this is how I speak – this is how I think. I can’t be anyone but myself, nor would I want to be. I would LIKE for people to read the things I write. If they do GREAT. If they don’t ALSO GREAT. *shrug* well. You can come on this journey with me if you like….Im still going even if I got to go alone.