Is this a count down?

See the source image

I’m not gonna say I’m excited about this, but I am excited about it lol. It’s not like I’m counting down the days or anything like that. I have been working on things behind the curtain – moving things around and setting things up. I got excepted to New Worlds Content Creator Program and am really excited.

Just cause – lol

“But Ms. Sunny does that mean you’re going to be bias?”

Nope – I don’t plan on it. If something is wonky I’m gonna let you all know how I feel about it.

“But Ms. Sunny you have a blog and people don’t really like to read all that much.”

This seems to be true. I know people about my age online don’t mind reading too much and there seems to be a way for me to make a podcast or audio thing of my blog posts. I am still trying to figure that bit out.

“But Ms. Sunny are you only gonna be writing about New World?”

Nope – I plan on streaming game play and making youtube videos. I’m thinking about 3 days a week to stream, posting youtube videos, mmmmmmmmmmmaybe once a week. I am going to be playing a LOT. Not just on my own, but also with friends who are going to be in the Open Beta with me. Since they are also streamers I might just end up on their streams lol.

“But Ms. Sunny what things are you gonna write about besides New World?”

Well, other games I may be playing. Art projects that I’m working through. I was thinking of doing some book reviews. Randomness…..the usual. I’m getting used to this prewriting and scheduling the post time. Which is a VERY cool option as far as I’m concerned.

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