What Do I want to play?

Yeah I know what you “persons” are thinking. Ohhhh everyone is talking about this game. Why don’t you be original. pfft Watching the trailer it seems like it is an interesting game to play.


In the preview video it shows off a good bit of gameplay, including a variety of class mechanics, traversal options like vaulting and grappling hooks, and huge PvP siege battles featuring giant monsters.

I know…I know PvP? Sunny what are you going on about? Ok yeah I’m not the most amazing PvPer out there. I am low decent at it – that is until I can find the right build that works for me.

In all honesty it’s about the FPS = Fashion per second. I like to look cool and if I can kill things while I do it – all the better. I have a VERY fond memory of my friend Murdercat and I in GW2 in the PvP zone literally standing in the same spot talking about how amazing we looked while a base was being taken over in the background. I mean we EVENTUALLY did help but it was just a great memory for me. Sieging keeps with a bunch of people is fun, I may not be the top 20 of people doing it but I was THERE MAN.

The creator during an interview said that “far more players are more interested in overcoming well-designed challenges than competing to reach their limit,” so many of the game’s toughest challenges “can only be accomplished if multiple players understand the characteristics and skills of each boss well and use their abilities to cooperate.” Hmmmmm sounds like research and Lore and I LOVE that shit.

Fun fact: Throne and Liberty is also set in the same world as another one of NCSoft’s in-development tiles, Project E.

Which let’s be honest kind of is a whole nother world of AWHHHHYEAHHHHH. Look at it like this – I like fantasy games, my friend likes fantasy games as well and really like the “Asian” feel. SO what is the middle ground? We can play together and meetup in the middle. OR…..now hear me out…..FANFICTON. Two lovers on the other side of the world from each other. They met – don’t know how or where just yet. Anyway they meet fall in love/lust and try to reunite with each other. I mean the possibilities are really endless.

Players can transform into animals, and even carry other players around in some forms. Why yes I would like to be a bird and poop on the heads of the people I don’t like.

Weather and the environment will play a factor in the game. For instance, wind can affect bow-and-arrow accuracy, while a sewer that might allow access to a tunnel during a siege can be filled with rain and be unusable. Players can even cause “a solar eclipse or rainstorm.”

I’m gonna keep an eye on this one – for sure.

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