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My End Of An Era

So as everyone knows I am a HUGH Elder Scrolls Online fan and have been playing it since beta. It is a world one can get lost in and discover new things. Recently (the past 2 months or so now) I have been playing it less and less. I log in every couple of days to do my crafting writes and honestly that’s about all I do. I bounce mail off other players so it won’t be deleted. But the lure of it has become less and less. With the ESO plus I am able to have a lot of perks that none sub players don’t have. Access to content etc. etc. so last night I let my sub laps. That’s right I didn’t pay for this month and I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest.

I want to say I was upset but to be factual I really wasn’t – I have gone back to Guild Wars 2 and I don’t want to say I’m loving it but I’m doing the things. There are so many things I’m still figuring out and discovering about the game. I’m unlocking content and it has been interesting to say the least. In some ways it is a grind but the option to sort of just go out and do stuff or follow the main quest line is a seller for me. Don’t get me wrong Elder Scrolls is the same but in a different way. It might have to do with the fact that my gaming buddy is also playing the game and he dragged me back into it. (GW2 that is). He of course has so much more time to dedicate to it then I do.

Maybe I’m just getting old and loosing interest in a lot of things. I still have the Fall Out Games which I dabble in every once i a while but it’s not so much fun to play those games alone you know? I might have to figure it out as I go like I usually do. But if you see me running around either world – just give a quick wave and let an old lady know she’s still noticed ^_^


I remember once……………

Life can be, well life. Things don’t turn out the way we think they will. When I was younger all though I wasn’t carefree I had a lot less worries and cares. Then I became an adult and everything as always changes.

Sometimes I sit and try and think about the things I wanted as a kid. It turns out most of the time I just wanted to be left alone. I didn’t have many friends unless they were relatives. I knew whatever it was job wise I wanted to be some sort of maker – but as is life things did not turn out that way.

I realize I don’t want to keep talking about how depressed I have been over the past weeks especially – no one wants to be a Debbie Downer. But I can’t shake this feeling and it feels like it might be getting worst. I have these hours of wanting to cry, which is NOT a good look at work. I’m not drowning myself in food or drugs. The small moments of joy I have is when I play ESO and Sims, I’ve noticed if I don’t have anyone to talk to in ESO while I play I get kinda sad and listless. This week that changes because I’m running an event on Sunday with one of my guilds, so the prep for it has been a bit much.



The event went great and I’m doing it again next week ^_^

Could have SWORN…..

I started writing a post on my tablet and apparently didn’t save the draft so when I logged in to finish it up  THERE IS NOTHING THERE. Oh well, life goes on I’m enjoying the blogging at least.


Everything is going well with the game – or not. SO I have it loaded on the computer in the kitchen (it’s a HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite – I got free from work). Victor spends a lot of time there if I let him. Which means it doesn’t have to be super powerful since he mainly plays online games like Roblox and stuff.

My mistake was I GUSHED over add-ons, without realizing what I was really getting myself into. There are for real so many different types to pick from, I went a bit crazy ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD the game wouldn’t load…lol.

I couldn’t figure out why – but I had some ideas of how to fix it. I went through a lot of different things – making sure the game was patched, making sure it was not broken. So I decided to get rid of all the CC stuff. Or rather I took everything out of the Mod folder in the game and put in a separate folder. I picked maybe 20 things and started with that. BOOM the game loaded – EXCITING. Since it was like 1:30 in the morning I decided to stop for the night.

Later I’m going to just delete all the add-on’s except for the ones that I know to work. I also loaded the game to the other computer, it’s more powerful and my gaming unit.


The new patch for the game is coming out soon and it’s Hallow Jack Season again…. it’s Halloween for ESO. So they are of course having new crates. I want to be excited about this, but there isn’t really anything there that holds my interest – BUT there is one thing I hate….



They call it the Hallow Jack Netch and I has QUESTIONS… did it get the pumpkin on its head? I mean I could understand almost any OTHER creature getting themselves all caught up like this. How did it get a pumpkin on itself? I’m going to be honest I HATE this thing, not netches mind you I love those things. BUT this is just stupid and ugly. I think it would have been a lot better to just change the glow of it to like orange and black or even red and black. Dear lord at least it’s not on FIRE. If they wanted to go with the cheese factor why not put a freakin’ ghost costume on it?


So I’m watching this show on TV here’s a link – it’s supposed to be based on the movies. Now I didn’t dislike the Purge movies – I in my own way enjoyed them very much. They do reflect an era we are living in. I went so far to write a few of my own stories based off of the movies. Well if you haven’t seen the show here’s a blurb from the website:

During a 12-hour period when all crime — including murder — is legal, a group of seemingly unrelated characters cross paths in a city in an altered America. While the clock winds down, some will fight, some will hide, others will embrace what it means to purge to its fullest extent — whether for revenge, personal gain, protection, or unadulterated glee. As each character is forced to reckon with his or her past and plot how to better their futures, they soon discover how far they will go on Purge Night.

To be honest I’m not sure how to take this show. I also realize I’m not the best at writing reviews so bear with me. The show starts a few hours before Purge starts – there are 4 stories going on at the same time. No main character but a bunch of main characters – if that makes sense. No lie some things seem really freakin’ boring and petty. Oh there is a cult of course sending out young people to die. A brother back from the Marines looking for his sister. A couple who want to get money from a rich guy and his family so they have to play nice. I would say give it a watch and maybe you’ll be into it – some stuff was very predictable, but i’m just that sort of person…LoL


Makin’ My Way Down Town


AHOY AHOY everyone – I hope all of you have been having a decent time since last I posted. For all of you with kids – HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL GET THE KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE season. For those who don’t have human children – HAPPY MAKING IT THROUGH ANOTHER DAY. I hope all is as right as it can be in your worlds. So lets see?? Hmmmmmm…… ok first my ESO news.



Return to the heart of Tamriel with our Imperial City Anniversary Event! While the three Alliances continue to vie for control of Cyrodiil, the Imperial City itself remains firmly under Daedric occupation. Dive into the capital during the event and earn bonus rewards including double Tel Var Stones, double the chance to find unique drops, and more!

Yup PVP madness in the Imperial City. My guildies and I decided we were going to give it a go last night. There was about 10 of us and since Saturday’s are our usual PvP time we went for it. We had a BLAST – I brought my Imperial Cilano who I have respected to front bar sword/board and back bar resto staff. (It’s more of a Battle Grounds build – but it worked). We got killed maybe twice. After a while in the sewers we decided to go top side and do some traditional PvP. We sieged a few keeps, flipped some resources and had an all around good time. I logged out at 12 and they were still going (I would have stayed but I had to be to work on Sunday at 7am). I still log into the game every day and do some daily things and treasure maps cause that’s just how I roll. I have been picked to do trivia next Sunday because apparently everyone enjoys it when I come up with questions…Yeaaa I’m helping…


Dead Frontier 2 has gone live, Here is the link on steam I haven’t had a chance to play yet, but it looks AMAZING. A nice old-fashioned zombie killing game. If you get a chance check it out. I especially like the fan fiction in the forums section, and have written a bit of my own stuff (just haven’t posted any of it yet – lol).



OK now about the Sims 4 and what it’s doing. I have as of YET to log into the actual game. The reason being as there are so many add-ons and mods for it I have been looking at a lot of them. I have also been looking into HOW to do mods. Right off the bat I have to tell you what I have noticed – there are 2 types of Sim peeps. One wants everything hyper real and the other likes to stay as close to the original as possible


This is a more Hyper real skin



A bit more of the original game sim (although eyes are not)


Now I can see the Pro’s and Con’s of both things – but I think I will stay with the one closest to the original.

Another thing I seem to have noticed is there aren’t as many options for Minority Sims – the hair textures for them is AWFUL. I did a lot of searching and thank goodness people are fixing this issue, but it still is not exactly what I’m looking for. (note: apparently I was looking in the wrong places cause I just found 2 that could actually work for me). 

A gripe I AM having is the lack of tusks for Orcs…sure maybe it’s just me who has this issue. Not just tusks but houses for them as well. So guess who has a project as soon as they figure out how to do it? THIS CHICK. Oh and the green for the skin is cute but like blarghish. So i’m also in search of something to fix that. I did find some cute horns.

So for most of the YouTube videos I’ve seen everyone uses like Photoshop and blender to do their fixes. I don’t have photoshop and am looking for a free option – if anyone has suggestions that would be great.

Speaking of houses – OH MY BLOB there are a lot of options – my inner architect is foaming at the mouth. I’m so super happy that I can’t wait to start building – but of course I will. I wanted to base it on this city I dream about often. It has 4 sections so it lines up really well with maps they give you in the free version – although I’m wondering if I can get and or find a black sand beach?

Oh I made a tumblr page oto post the things I have been finding and at some point to post my creations ^_^ My Sims Tumblr page

Well that’s all for now – HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE.

People can be Kind

I may not talk about my financial situation that much – as it is just what it is. The byproduct of living in a nice town with good schools. Which means if you are in a certain income bracket you’re not going to have extras.

In and of itself that’s fine. I have learned to budget to provide for my family. I don’t have a lot of extra perks. Although my ESO monthly membership is something that I keep (although there have been times it has lapsed). I love the game and the community. I’ve made a few friends that I know whose company I would enjoy in real life.

I watch  their streams and tweets – I am concerned when I don’t see them online after a while. It’s just a part of who I am and how I am.

Today was one of those days where I wanted to cry because of people’s kindness. Now if you don’t know me – I am who I am. As in how I type is how I speak – well maybe a bit less words, but the vibe is the same. I’m ok with people’s life choices as long as it isn’t hateful or hurtful. It takes a lot to get me flustered. If i do get upset about something I usually say something right away or just cut you off 100%.

So yesterday I logged on to play for a bit – meeting up with 2 guildies who I seem to often end up rolling with. We were in team speak just chatting away. Twitch has been giving away free crates so we were talking about it. I have gotten something like 8 crates in total – which is cool. Since the time when most streams happen I’m at work I can run them in the back ground but can’t really hear whats going on.

One of the guys won a free pet – which is AMAZING. Which started us talking about pets. I was saying I had like 5 pieces of the Dwemer Pet, but I was missing 2. I figured I was going to have to go grind for it. The other guildie met up with me and gave me the 2 pieces I needed, I was so happy. I offered gold – but he didn’t want it (I still paid him 1 gold on principle). In the process my other guildie sent me the ring tail pet since they already had it.

Neither of them HAD to do that, they did it because they were being nice and wanted to do a nice thing. I swear I really do LOVE the ESO community. I like helping people when I can, but when others do it for me I am always surprised….. I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS SO MUCH. Thank you for making an old woman’s day.


I have named the Dwemer Tootsie Roll and the Ring tail is Lice ^_^

New House in ESO


The New house in ESO is called Hunter’s Glade – there isn’t a price for it just yet but you are able to preview it by walking into the entrance door way. I REALLY WANT AND LOVE THIS HOUSE……..I currently have 6k crowns that I have been hoarding for a while, I’m thinking I’m going to need another 7k more to get it. That will be unfurnished of course, furnished would be an extra like 9k crowns. I’m hoping it comes out later in August so that I can actually have a bit of money to spend. I’ve worked about 25 hrs extra, so hopefully after rent is paid and bills are paid I will still not have enough LOL.

If anyone would like to gift me some crowns my tag in game is @SunnyBunny ^_^




My helm gives me the glowing eyes


Such a nice view


This is so going to be my screensaver on my computer


Greavy my Werewolf Orc


Can you feel that RUSH…..

I do own some of the houses in ESO already. I have only one I bought with crowns and it’s the Dark Brotherhood cave….I’m working on getting it together. The rest I got with gold – which I’m pretty dang proud of.

OK that’s all for now – although I do have a lot of ideas for things to write so I’m thinking I can really get through this blogging thing………………….


OK so Midyear Mayhem is over and boy was it stressful. I didn’t get the title of Star Born Knight – I mean hey whatever its only been like 5 years I’ve been trying lol.

giphy (2)

There are 2 types of PvP for this event – although I would actually say it’s 3. One part deals with Battle Grounds, that’s the 3 teams of 4 matches. You can go with either a team or just do something random. It was a bit of a mix for me….Out of my 7 toons I really only brought 3 there. Mainly because I felt I could survive a lot better. Whelp I was wrong as can be seen in these results:


This is my guild mates and I – we had a pretty damn decent time of it…






Sometimes it was close, other times not so much. Last night was the last night of the event and I was getting more and more stressed and not having a good time at all, so after a while I logged out. If you’re not having fun whats the point.

Second things to do was in Cyrodill –  PVP LAND. Now I like going there don’t get me wrong, but it was MADNESS. I  went by myself most of the time, except for the regular Saturday stuff that we do with Black Market Wares (one of my guilds). It was JUST as crazy………


Me and a random trying to shoot our bows – like THAT’S going to do something LoL


Yes let them cluster, maybe that will help


It was MADNESS – and a LOT of fun to be honest. Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment – teehee.

Third thing to do was Imperial City and Imperial City Sewers.


The Imperial City Sewers is located directly underneath the Imperial City. Entry is granted by 3 sewer gates in Cyrodill, directly around the Imperial City. The zone is open to all 3 factions and contains 3 distinct ‘arms’ at the end of which contains one faction’s home base.

Fun fact: There is no ranking up in this zone as it is technically a public dungeon, meaning players of low-level will be given no buffs and will face higher leveled enemies ‘naturally’.

I actually like doing the sewers better than the districts, there are all types of bosses and scamps and Molag Bal is in the middle. It is easy to get a bit turned around, plus the banner men, big Xivilai that wander around. (I kinda love and hate them at the same time. They really are beautiful to look at, they are so confident. You can in “theory” solo one – but it takes a lot of skill to do). To be honest IC and ICS are a very pleasingly visual zone to me. It gives me the least eye strain and I wish I could explore without everything trying to kill me LoL.



Lost in the sewers can still be fun lol

Did I have fun? Sure sometimes it was fun, sometimes not so much. I have been creating a new toon for PvP content and I really love playing her – I have another that I haven’t played in a while that I’m pretty sure I can make into a decent character for Battle Grounds….so am I hooked? YUP and I’m not ashamed of it.