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MOUNT LOVE (not in a naughty way)


Mounts in most games I have played are a get to a destination thing. They don’t fight they just carry you somewhere. Elder Scrolls Online has a system where you can unlock storage space on your mount, very helpful to us hoarders. You can also unlock speed and stamina. The mount selection is big, but mainly just a re-skin of a current thing. I have about 4 horses, 5 cat mounts, a guar, a giant tick beast (that I love) and 2 bears. Each of my toons has a mount they like to use and the rest I don’t actually use that often. BUT they can be used as housing items. Which I think is VERY clever. Since they have idol motion they give a little life to a otherwise “dead” area. I’m hoping someday they will have Bull Netch mounts cause they are one of my favorite creatures.


I mean come on, I NEED a Battle Netch


Mounts were introduced to Guild Wars 2 in the Path of Fire expansion (which came out September 2017). Having mounts to me is a staple of MMORPG’s – you have to get around to different places. There may be a fast travel, but usually you have to pay for that most of the time. Now you can either run the distance or ride your trusty mount. The mounts in Guild Wars 2 are something else. Not only are they used for transport, but they can also fight. When you dismount you have this sort of attack skill. And each mount has its own thing.

Raptor: when dismounting they do a spin action that pulls the enemy to you. At first I wasn’t to big a fan of this as I am still working through my Thief Skills and thought for sure I was gonna die every time. In the end I was wrong, I have this really cool move I call spin to win and have been working on perfecting it during dismount. It basically is dropping like a stone in the middle of a fight, spinning and drawing enemies to me, hitting the dagger circle spin move then porting myself out of dodge. It’s been sorta kinda successful. Another skill is the long jump and I get a rush every time I use it, cause i’m SURE i’m not gonna make it.


This is what it looks like – generic right out the box – I named mine Nacho.



MurderCat got me a Skin for the Raptor


Her name was Nacho and it is now Salsa


Skimmer: It is a manta-like creature which hovers over ground and water. Its movement ability lifts it significantly higher, so it can cross dangerous areas, reach ledges, and avoid attacks. It doesn’t make any noise and seems like it would have a very rubbery texture in real life. It’s special skill is that it does this barrel roll thing that knocks back enemies and heals your allies. It took me a bit to get used to it – but I have to say I use it the most. The laziness of the travel – it’s like perfect.

During the Four Winds Festival they have Skimmer races and I make pretty good time. They also have a playful personality – spinning in circles. Tapping your back. I feel like if my Skimmer could talk it would have a hippy voice – lol


Look at that good boy

Springer: IT’S A FREAKIN BUNAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….I mean let’s be honest it is what it is. This thing jumps SUPER high – its not really to fast over land though, which is it’s downfall. It’s also super cute – because BUNEEEHHHHHHHHHHH. I have to admit I’m surprised the thing doesn’t have brain damage at this point. Image if you will:

ME: There is a mastery point on top of this building

Bunneh: *makes weird llame sheep sound*

Me: OK we are gonna do this right..

First attempt – straight up and down super bounce, *skoot skoot forward*, Second attempt – Straight up and down super bounce.


*skkot,skoot forward* Practice regular hops, a little more skooting

Me: OK me are gonna do this Bunneh…I feel it this time (get more llama/sheep sounds as reply).

Me: 150% confident i’m gonna make it this time. I can FEEL it in my bones….I am of course making weird grunting sounds as well.  I press the space bar to jump and BOOM. Full head pound into the ceiling – not once but a number of times. I finally get to the point that I’m surprised the poor thing hasn’t been knocked out. I am also stuck on a ledge.

We are midway up the building – I’m scared to dismount cause I’ve spent a good 45 minutes trying to get up here. There is a crowd of players of griffins and dragons just watching me fail. I’m not yet frustrated, i’m still trying. I know I CAN do it, I just have to figure out HOW I can do it. My friend Murder takes pity on me – we are in discord together even though we are doing different things. (it works for us cause when either of us finds something cool we just tell the other person to come to us). He is laughing at me. After coming over to to where I am and lectures me on the importance of proper training of ones mount. (It wasn’t really a lecture I just took it that way)…Since he’s a mesmer he made me a portal up……. NAILED IT.




SO that’s it for now i guess, these are the only mounts I have – but i’m working on the beetle, which is taking a lot of time.

(Here is a little video I found for you to watch if you want to :


I thought I was free….I thought I would never turn back after 4 YEARS of being away.


It’s like an addiction I was hoping to be free of – but I’m not and I’m weak and I blame other people…freakin’ GUILD WARS 2.

Yeah they got me AGAIN – sucked me in and now I couldn’t get out if I wanted to. *deep sigh* YES it’s beautiful, YES it has an amazing story line YES I enjoy the pacing…..yes,yes,yes


It’s true all of it is true – OK their player housing system really kinda sucks but listen you can’t have everything right? But I WAS free – I quit cold turkey. SO what had happened was this – My friend MurderCat he started playing and got sucked in. I warned him but he didn’t listen. So he was playing Elder Scrolls Online less and less – which made me sad because I ENJOY it, granted I wasn’t doing any real content just messing about doing treasure maps and other things. I was kinda bored of the story line after having 8 toons go through it. I wasn’t doing dungeons or delves or any of the group content. Mainly because there was no one I was bothered to do it with. I have made some amazing friend in Elder Scrolls Online – but we are also adults and life has a way of changing things.

So I went back over to GW2 – dusted off the old account got the newest expansion and away we go. This game is a time sink – you can spend 4hrs doing stuff and not be sure if you really even did much of anything. Everything is so in-depth with levels of creation and so welcoming it feels like a trap.

When you hit Level 80 there are zones specifically for you to do stuff in as you make  your way through your “story”. Let me tell you EVERYTHING is trying to kill you – no not even a joke. Plants, people, creatures, animals, the ground itself in some parts (I’m looking at you quicksand). The thing is, this is just PvE CONTENT…not even talking the 2 different types of PvP, or dungeons or Fractals or WHATEVER….and I’m LOVING it. I often find myself saying I hate this game – in which my friend says “No you don’t” and its true I don’t. I don’t hate this game even a little bit. It’s just SO overwhelming there is so much to do.

Now I find myself once again researching charts and what I need to craft armour – which I have to be like OVER level 400 crafting to do. Which means I need more mats. Which means if I don’t want to spend my silver on it I need to go farm it.

I’m finding myself on the guild wars 2 trading post looking at the buying selling prices of things to play the market.

I’m drooling over 2 riffles that THANKFULLY I can buy straight out just to get the skin for them – the one on the left is The Ebon Vanguard and the one on the right is the Shiverpeak Arquebus

yes there are SHINNIES – soooo many……I mean come on look at this: (Chaos Pistol on the left and Citrine Antique revolver on the right)

And these are JUST THE WEAPONS – not including armour. Some of them you have to precursor. As in you have to make the basic to upgrade it to the next level before you can get it to something else. It’s a LOT of work and I really likes it. To be honest I have just scratched the surface of the crafting thing. For my Thief Character she is doing Huntsman and Scribe ( the Scribe is more for guild stuff and PvP siege things).

How could I hate this – and now there are mounts (I have 3 of them and working on the racing beetle one, which would be my 4th). and events. The one right now is the Festival of the 4 Winds.


This Wallpaper is from the website

I am KILLING IT on the races wit the Skimmers – I think they are a mount of choice for me. So prepare yourself to be a part of this crazy lol

I need to be saved from myself and other things I say.

Welcome to Summer 2019 – where it’s hot as heck here in NY. Friday and Saturday were BRUTAL – like surface of the sun hotness. So, I being the smart Bunny that I am stayed inside my burrow. I’m old enough to know summertime is hot, I’m not disillusioned of this fact in any way and being the type of mother I am we stayed INDOORS. I have heavy blackout curtains and let the AC run on low all day. It was lovely. BUT, the question is what does one do inside.

We have 2 computers in the house – the BOY was on the one in the kitchen doing home school work. Its an older computer, so its perfect for the things he needed to do and it runs the Spore game he’s in LOVE with. I used the one in the living room. It’s newer and still going strong considering I built it from scratch like 2 years ago (actually it might have been 3 I’m not so sure now).

I spent most of the 2 days on said computer – logging in and right back out of ESO since my add-ons weren’t working and it was annoying me (UPDATE: they work now but I don’t know why they are acting so weird). I Streamed some Fallout 76. Did I tell you guys I got the game and I really like it. It’s soooo good, I spend hours wandering around discovering new things, getting missions and just poking my nose where is probably shouldn’t be. I think the biggest surprise for me is I have become a sniper – I love using the scope and just hitting things while hidden from a distance. For close up, I use a machete. I have various pistols and other rifles, but my S and M are my favorites.


My Fallout 76 Character just playin’ some tunes

I love the character – or rather I lover her MORE now than I did. The original was cute enough but I remade her a bit and now it’s just WONDERFUL…


This is what she originally looked like.

So this is her Vault ID card – character creation in this game is WORK. There are a lot of options all of them really really good. Straight on she looks very attractive – side view not so much. I mean ok I understand no beauty queens but can’t she have a good side GOSH. After a few weeks of playing I realized through all the screen shots I wasn’t really connecting with the Character any more. She didn’t have a name, I didn’t feel her story and as much fun as I was having I wasn’t all in…you know? I didn’t want to start all over again and I knew I had another Character “slot” , but i’m not THAT excited to start from the beginning again at this point. So I sat and fiddled with her creation again.

SO yeah there are a lot of options – Fallout 76 is NOT IN ANY WAY clear about how to do things. There is no real instruction, there is maybe a vague idea and that’s about it. The Wiki wasn’t very helpful either and not being able to chat with people in zone is a pain in the ass. I am lucky in that some of my friends play – although we don’t all play together or even at the same time. They were helpful in giving me some pointers. (That’s for another post of course – lol).



THERE SHE IS FOLKS…..TELL ME THAT AIN’T THE NEW HOTNESS? She is basically the same, I darkened her skin, added another scar, changed the hair and did a bit of tweaking with the nose. Yeah…yeah I know it doesn’t seem all that big of a change but trust me it is…


I mean come on how can you NOT melt at that?

She even has a name now – VARIN. I made her androgynous on purpose…. have a back story I’m trying to get together, but I don’t know enough of the Lore just yet to do that correctly. *deep SIGHHHH*

♥                                                             ♥                                                            ♥

So don’t think I spent ALL that time playing Fallout. I really would have loved to, but I had to force myself to take a break. I spent time with the Boy, did a bit of cleaning, and took a nap. When it’s this hot out there really isn’t much you can do. I did a bit of reading as well. I currently have a LARGE amount of books that I got free on Amazon – I feel its my duty to read them even if some are PURE trash. I finished off 2 books that I was at the halfway mark in. That only took about an hour or so. NOW this is the problem I have that i’m gonna share with you all – I am addicted to FAN FICTION. I know…I know. I am not ashamed nor am I proud of this. I read a LOT of it – especially for the games I play. I spent a good 4 hrs on Friday and 5 hrs on Saturday reading some peoples work. A large proportion of it was of the umm Adult Kind….Now what no one tells you is that reading Fan Fiction is a gateway addiction to…….writing it *GASP*


Fun Fact: I have been a writer of things almost my whole life – it is something I enjoy, not to the point of wanting to be an actual professional but I have stories that often pop up in my mind and I need to get it out.


So my online Battle Buddy whom I met in Elder Scrolls Online has since dragged me kicking and screaming back to Guild Wars 2. I haven’t played in 4 years and these past 3 weeks have reminded me WHY. My hats off to Arena Net for making a game that is ALL CONSUMING. At least for me – so much Lore and detail and quest lines and fashion and just my goodness. I knew this was going to happen, Knew I was going to get sucked in…just KNEW IT. The crazy thing is my toons were all still there – still at the same levels I left them at all those years ago. Hell I was still a member of 2 guilds that I originally joined. So I did the only thing I could I started finishing up quest lines. Cleaning up my characters main stories – or rather the main story on my main toon. I made some changes to how she looked – I figured 4 years is a lot of time so none of them could exactly stay the same could they?


Bright eyed level 22 – she has no idea……


This is Ennus (I’m going to change that name as soon as I get the 800 gems to do it). She is a Necromancer and I do like playing her. I made this all those years ago when there weren’t to many options on looks.


Oh someone has grown up

Here she is again at level 80 with siblings lol (That salad boy isn’t there any more – he had to go). Same hair style –  different color.


I came back for you baby

AND this is how I found her after all these years – same hair color but shorter. Do you see what I mean? WHY DO I HAVE THESE PICTURES FROM 4 YEARS AGO? Am I crazy or what…..don’t answer that lol. So not only am I playing again, BUT I also got the expansion because you know MOUNTS.


Hey good lookin’

I gave her a bit more of a mature look – or rather changed her hair. It’s longer and a prettier color I think. I still don’t have enough gems for the name change yet – but one of the good things about the game is you can convert in game gold to gems and vice verse. Which is AMAZING, but its a grind. Its not the easiest thing ever but it is a thing.

♣                                                ♣                                           ♣

So what does this all have to do with anything, because of these games and reading the other day I’m starting to write my Fan Fiction again. Games can inspire us to do amazing and well NOT so amazing things. So in the end I wanted to share, maybe dear reader you can go back to something you put on the side lines and start it over again – KISSESSSSSS.