Makin’ My Way Down Town


AHOY AHOY everyone – I hope all of you have been having a decent time since last I posted. For all of you with kids – HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL GET THE KIDS OUT OF THE HOUSE season. For those who don’t have human children – HAPPY MAKING IT THROUGH ANOTHER DAY. I hope all is as right as it can be in your worlds. So lets see?? Hmmmmmm…… ok first my ESO news.



Return to the heart of Tamriel with our Imperial City Anniversary Event! While the three Alliances continue to vie for control of Cyrodiil, the Imperial City itself remains firmly under Daedric occupation. Dive into the capital during the event and earn bonus rewards including double Tel Var Stones, double the chance to find unique drops, and more!

Yup PVP madness in the Imperial City. My guildies and I decided we were going to give it a go last night. There was about 10 of us and since Saturday’s are our usual PvP time we went for it. We had a BLAST – I brought my Imperial Cilano who I have respected to front bar sword/board and back bar resto staff. (It’s more of a Battle Grounds build – but it worked). We got killed maybe twice. After a while in the sewers we decided to go top side and do some traditional PvP. We sieged a few keeps, flipped some resources and had an all around good time. I logged out at 12 and they were still going (I would have stayed but I had to be to work on Sunday at 7am). I still log into the game every day and do some daily things and treasure maps cause that’s just how I roll. I have been picked to do trivia next Sunday because apparently everyone enjoys it when I come up with questions…Yeaaa I’m helping…


Dead Frontier 2 has gone live, Here is the link on steam I haven’t had a chance to play yet, but it looks AMAZING. A nice old-fashioned zombie killing game. If you get a chance check it out. I especially like the fan fiction in the forums section, and have written a bit of my own stuff (just haven’t posted any of it yet – lol).



OK now about the Sims 4 and what it’s doing. I have as of YET to log into the actual game. The reason being as there are so many add-ons and mods for it I have been looking at a lot of them. I have also been looking into HOW to do mods. Right off the bat I have to tell you what I have noticed – there are 2 types of Sim peeps. One wants everything hyper real and the other likes to stay as close to the original as possible


This is a more Hyper real skin



A bit more of the original game sim (although eyes are not)


Now I can see the Pro’s and Con’s of both things – but I think I will stay with the one closest to the original.

Another thing I seem to have noticed is there aren’t as many options for Minority Sims – the hair textures for them is AWFUL. I did a lot of searching and thank goodness people are fixing this issue, but it still is not exactly what I’m looking for. (note: apparently I was looking in the wrong places cause I just found 2 that could actually work for me). 

A gripe I AM having is the lack of tusks for Orcs…sure maybe it’s just me who has this issue. Not just tusks but houses for them as well. So guess who has a project as soon as they figure out how to do it? THIS CHICK. Oh and the green for the skin is cute but like blarghish. So i’m also in search of something to fix that. I did find some cute horns.

So for most of the YouTube videos I’ve seen everyone uses like Photoshop and blender to do their fixes. I don’t have photoshop and am looking for a free option – if anyone has suggestions that would be great.

Speaking of houses – OH MY BLOB there are a lot of options – my inner architect is foaming at the mouth. I’m so super happy that I can’t wait to start building – but of course I will. I wanted to base it on this city I dream about often. It has 4 sections so it lines up really well with maps they give you in the free version – although I’m wondering if I can get and or find a black sand beach?

Oh I made a tumblr page oto post the things I have been finding and at some point to post my creations ^_^ My Sims Tumblr page

Well that’s all for now – HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE.





I think Blue hair is so super pretty, I especially like the texture which is similar to mine. Sadly I a to afraid to strip my hair down to be able to do this. Looking at my hair right now I have enough gray that it just MIGHT work….lol

A thing I like

Sooooo figured I would share one of those things about myself that not many people know. I’m in all honesty not sure if it’s an obsession or a hobby or what.

Cloud Formations……yup you read that correctly I am compelled to take pictures of them. I have 100’s of pictures. Not just like ANY formation, but one that catches my eye. I figure I will share some with you wonderful people….



This isn’t even all of them – but they all look so pretty to me.

I have more but can’t figure out how to get them onto the post and i’m to annoyed to deal with it right now….but there you go my odd obsession lol.

This is my Life now – LOL


So as you all may know I have been like 100% in on ESO. I play it everyday and enjoy it a lot. Questing and Battle Grounds and all that good good stuff. I have noticed like many gamers there is the issue of burnout. It happens to the best of us – I mean I’ve been playing the game since freakin’ BETA. That’s what? Like 5 years or something like that. It’s a long long loooonnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggg time. Well not really – but it is.

So I decided I wanted to kind of find another game to play. So I was back to Dead Frontier

which is an amazing game for sure, but it’s a zombie killing game. So yeah, not very less stress at all. *As a side note Dead Frontier 2 is coming out in a few weeks and it looks JUST as amazing and of COURSE I will be playing that bad boy as well.* 

So off on the journey to find a less stressful game. I play Toy Blast – one of those downloaded app games. I’m on lvl like 400 or something like that. Very not stressful, BUT I didn’t want to always be on my tablet – especially since it drains the battery after a while. So on a lark I went into Origins – yes I have a monthly account cause my son was HEAVY into Plants vs Zombies. Anyway after looking through I came to the Sims page.


I remember playing the first Sims game, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great…at least not to me. No that’s not actually correct – it couldn’t HOLD my attention is what the problem was. I like simulator games, I do. It was just hard for me to get around it for some reason.

There are a number of options when it comes to the Sims games and frankly Origin has ALL of them. Interesting, but I wanted to go with the new good. Something I found interesting is they have a demo character creation thing. As in if all you want to do is make toons. I downloaded that first – and let me tell you WOW. It was a lot of fun just messing around with the different setting. *I don’t have a screen shot just yet, but trust that I will.* They give you the option to “share” with the community, cool, weird but cool. People can comment on it and everything. I looked through a couple that were up, some comments were nice, some were not *shrug* such is how the gaming world is.

So I did the thing I always do – research…there is a CRAZY amount going on with this game. There is also a HUGH amount of mods. I had no idea, I kinda feel like its that Skyriim sort of thing. Game just grows and grows mod wise…. some things I have noticed. Some people like more “humanized” toons. The houses are nice. And I’m itching to do mods myself.

Anyway – I am like in the rabbit hole right now – I will keep you all updated on things and stuff. Going to have to make a proper tag. ^_^

*Is anyone else playing the game? Any advice?


Blaugust reborn summery

HEY HO EVERYBODY – well Blaugust reborn is over and I have to say it was something. I wrote about as much as I thought I would. Not to say it was a bad thing – it just is what it is. The upside is that it got me writing again, as well as finding a few more blogs to follow.

I still have a few things I want to write about, which I will of course and just stick those bad boys anywhere in the month. I have to say one of the things that kind of bummed me out is that I can’t get the blogger posts or rather I can’t follow them the way I would like to. I’m pretty sure I will figure it out at one point.

I also realize I read a lot of blogs about World of Warcraft – which is crazy, since you know, I don’t even play that game. But I get enjoyment from it so what ever’s clever.

I also am going to have to be more aware of tags – for some reason I am actually PRETTY bad with them.

assorted color sequins

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on

So new topic – a few days ago I was feeling a bit depressed. It’s like I woke up and was so super sad about life. I think that is just something everyone goes through. I mean I’m not going to lie my life has been like that for a while, but you know you mush on.

Thankfully I took the day off on Thursday and more or less stayed in bed. Did it help me feel any better? Nope…but I did it anyway. I just didn’t have the energy – the same happened on Friday. That sluggish feeling, the migraine, the not wanting to eat or get out of bed. I did for a bit though, mainly because I have a 9 yo and although he is more than able to take care of himself, I REFUSE to be that person. He needs his snuggles throughout the day and fun time as well.

So after baking a choco fudge cake I puttered around the house. We played a few games together (which I really have to get another 1 or 2). I did play ESO for a bit which can be nice. I did really bad with Battle Grounds, after that I just switched up to do treasure maps and mat farming. I THOUGHT about doing Cyrodiil but I couldn’t even drag myself to do that. So I didn’t…..

The weather is really lovely, not to hot and not to cold. Of course that puts me in the mind that winter is coming. Which means I need to get some things organized in my apartment. I wish I knew how to have  fun…I know that’s an odd statement but it kinda is true. Whelp the way I see it, either things will fall into into place or not.

Thought I had things qued

HI EVERYONE, if you’re still following me that’s great. For some reason I thought I had some things qued for the rest of the month, guess not – LoL.

So what’s been going on here in the Bunny Burrow. Whelp – working a crap ton. I have a regular 9 – 5 job so I have to do that. To you know be able to eat, pay bills and have an apartment.

Speaking of apartment, it’s right now in an area of flux. I had a HUGH purge due to an infestation of bugs. It was sad having to get rid of so many things. So now I am left with the remains, the things I could save. Its been about a week now and still so much stuff is still in plastic bags. I have no idea what to do. It’s overwhelming to be honest. On the upside I have a lot of ideas on what to do with the space so that’s good. It’s just getting the bits I need to do it. I also have this walk in closet in the living room which is odd – but I’m thinking I can do something better with that space, maybe like an office.

Another thing that has been going on – I haven’t personally been streaming on twitch – but my Battle Buddy has and I’m in 2 of his streams.This is the  first stream i’m in. Check it out, give him a follow. If it goes well I’m thinking maybe going and doing it on my own as well; (be warned there is smack talk and a bit of cursing – lol).

I have been making NO progress with my writing, but I am at least giving it a try. Writing character descriptions – thinking about how to make the world I want to write in.

I have been keeping an eye on Cyberpunk 2077 – mainly because it really looks amazing. I have a habit of finding out EVERYTHING I can about a game before I play it. I have a very small budget so I am always super careful before I invest time into something new. I think the best thing is they are  saying you can explore everywhere. Granted I’m not sure how that’s going to work out – but I’m on the hype train. Here is a link to their website


I also entered a contest to see if I could win a copy of Monster Hunter World, it’s another beautiful looking game that I know I’m going to get lost in.header.jpg

That’s all for me right now, lets keep going strong with the blogging thang…….