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The Universe Hates Me

Ok so I had my post all ready yesterday…even set it up to autopost..and my computer died, no warning. I’m typing this on my tablet right now….so I will have to either combine both days and have it shorter then I thought. But I will just do as planned and post B later today.

My “A” word is Anthropomorphism….which is giving human emotions Ana intentions to non-human entities and is something everyone does. There is a history of it in storytelling and fables, as well as in games and television.

One of those stories is Alice in Wonderland. I always enjoyed the white rabbit running around worried about being late. The caterpillar who smokes and even the singing flowers. I’m fairly sure we know cards aren’t soldiers running around…..right?

Disney does this a lot, like every single one more or less. Who didn’t love the carpet from Aladdin. I mean Beauty and the Beast…..yeah.

I honestly have an internal debate if this would apply to zombies. I mean they are not alive…but walk around. I don’t think anyone has given them emotions or feelings. Well minus that one movie that they made with the teenager who was unzombing or that BBC show that although interesting was….yeah.

Well like I said I’m keeping this one short as I haven’t finished my next post.

Later Duckies.