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My Big Man Mavidan


the living mountain

So time for another toon introduction – and this one is my big boy Mavidan. He is a Norn Elementalist. The Norns are HUGE in size, they are at 9-foot tall – bigger then the Char (which are the cat people).  According to the Wiki they describe Norns as such:

The race of towering hunters experienced a great defeat when the Ice Dragon drove them from their glacial homeland. Nevertheless, they won’t let one lost battle – however punishing – dampen their enthusiasm for life and the hunt. They know that only the ultimate victor achieves legendary rewards.

The norn do not fear death as they believe the bold and strong can achieve immortality, but they do fear they will be weak and end up forgotten. As a result each norn seeks to prove themselves, to build their legend through feats of individual valor and great victories. Every norn hopes their legend will be told by the skaald and celebrated at a moot with story and song. Norn usually have a great sense of personal honor, for a norn without respect from others is already forgotten.

I related to them. Honor to their Family, Ancestors and Totem Spirits. They do give you a choice which Spirit you want to follow – Snow Leopard, Bear, Crow or Wolf.


In the character creation I knew I wanted him to be big -like as big as I could make him. Then I found out I could make his skin dark and I swooned….almost every Norn I had seen has been pale – which I understand since they are based off the Norse race. But after clicking buttons I found it. This perfect dark coloring – at that point my whole back story for him changed. Of course he had to be an Ele – he’s a moving mountain. Which at some point I will blog about.


I mean come on look how smexy he is…swoon

The down side to Norns is they seem to move slower then the other races – I know it’s not true and everyone moves at the same speed unless they have some sort of booster, but they just seem so much slower.

Whelp that’s enough about him for now – I don’t have any others to share so now I will have to get into the fun stuff, or rather fun for me ^_^


He ALMOST looked like this – that’s some nice facial hair – lol

Oh and Fun Fact: there is a Norn in the game called Hordir – hahahaha I was amused by that.