Ok so I am trying to write in the blog – it’s not stressing me out or anything, I seem to be busy??????????????? Who knew?

So WHAT’S BEEN GOING DOWN IN THIS TOWN? Well I was feeling depressed for the last 3 days, but I’m on the way back up


Or at least if I keep telling myself that and it will be a much easier ride for me. I am doing the best I can and that’s all anyone can really do now a days.


Is a love/hate relationship. So I’ve been  making the characters and what not. I haven’t used any cheats because frankly I keep forgetting them. I went a bit crazy with making stuff bigger – so after building a chair fort (I’m such a dork) I actually started doing the things:

  1. I was NOT aware that you could change the default property. I’m going to be honest – the buildings are soooooooooooooooo blargh. Don’t get me wrong they are umm nice? But still VERY ewww.

I started with the library – cause you all KNOW I love books and libraries. I only changed some of the interior – light fixtures and the kids reading room. The things they give you in base  game is niceish, but i can very much see why people get expansion packs. I don’t have any of them – just working with the base game. (We aren’t going to talk about all the free content/mods – that’s a WHOLE nother post).

Ok wait let me back up and explain, when you start playing you have a choice of 3 areas – Willow Creek is one of them – it’s the burbs.


This is just a small part of the Willow Creek Area. Ok so as you can see from the picture you get a museum, a bar(?), a gym, a library and a park.


I think its nice you have at least something to start off with, I played SimCity for about 2 years so I have a basic idea about building. it crossed my mind that I had NO idea why these were the places they picked. But whatever right? Anyway I clicked on the property and there is the edit option. None of my Sims has been in any of these buildings so I can’t tell you too much about how they look from their prospective yet.

Editing is somewhat counter intuitive – I went a bit wonky and cross-eyed till I figured some of it out. A good point is that there is NO charge to change things in the buildings – you can clear it all out and fill it back up no problem. The front street view of the buildings is basic as well, but there is a water/river area behind which is kinda nice.



Back Street View


*OK so it is now been 4 days since I started writing this and to be honest I have no idea what I was going on about. So I’m still going to post this cause I don’t want it to just sit. *shrug*


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